On The Couch 2011 #9: Bright Star

If you like your period pieces featuring guys who have hipster hair and women who go for the Amish look, then Bright Star should immediately be moved to the top of your queue.

“A can of PBR is a joy forever…” –John Keats

That Amish look they give Abbie Cornish in this movie should be considered a crime against people who would otherwise enjoy looking at Abbie Cornish. Have you seen Abbie Cornish outside of this movie? She’s gorgeous. But you definitely wouldn’t figure that out in Bright Star.

The non Amish-Abbie Cornish. It’s better? y/y?

The best part of Bright Star is John Keats’s best friend Mr. Brown, played by Paul Schneider. If a line has any bit of humor in it, it’s probably coming out of his mouth. And Mr. Brown has the line that I have found myself repeating to no end in my best attempt at a Scottish accent: “I FAILED JOHN KEATS!” If you haven’t seen Bright Star yet, I’m guessing you don’t see why that would be my favorite line, but I dare you to watch Bright Star and not walk around yelling “I failed John Keats!” like Groundskeeper Willie.

Not sure if you want to see Bright Star? Answering yes to the any of the following means you do. Is your favorite kind of poet the penniless type who goes on to be one of the most well respected poets after he dies? Do you like top hats? Do you like quoting Groundskeeper Willie, but you’re find yourself in need of new material? Are you an Amish lady in need of styling advice? Are you a hipster boy in need of a new hairstyle? Do you ever think to yourself, “I wonder how tall that kid from Love, Actually is now”?

The kid from Love, Actually is crazy tall now.