On The Couch 2011 #10: In and Out

As I was watching In and Out for the first time, I kept asking myself, “Is this movie offensive?” It looked like the producers took great care to be as politically correct as possible when making it. Ignorance and bigotry are portrayed as wrong, and rightly so. Homosexuality is portrayed as a taboo, but one that is ultimately accepted. But then Kevin Kline will freak out when someone says Barbara Streisand is overrated and I start thinking maybe they are going for the gay stereotype. In the defense of In and Out, I did laugh during that scene.

The funniest part of the In and Out is that everyone thinks Kevin Kline might be gay because he hasn’t proposed to Joan Cusack after dating her for two years? If that’s the case, I’m Harvey Fierstein.

In and Out is like the drug store candy bar of movies. It’s enjoyable, but not very memorable.

I would be much more excited to this In-N-Out again.