On The Couch 2011 #8: It’s a Boy Girl Thing

My first thought during the opening minutes of It’s a Boy Girl Thing was “Is that the girl from the Daniel Powter – Bad Day video?” You know, the one where the guy and girl are constantly missing meeting each other, despite working across the street from one another and graffiting the same poster every day. When I first saw the video, I thought the girl was Keira Knightly and the guy was one of the dudes from Sports Night. I was wrong on both counts.

Just remember kids: it doesn’t matter if it’s a cute story, vandalism is still vandalism.

Flash forward a couple of years later and Daniel Powter has been regulated to the one hit wonder discount bin of history and the girl from the video, Samaire Armstrong, stars in It’s a Boy Girl Thing. Actually, the movie was filmed in 2006, which was around the time of Powter’s tail end of his rise to and disappearance from fame journey, so it must have seemed that with this movie, Armstrong would be vaulting off the back of Powter into the limelight, except that no one has heard of this movie before Netflix offered it on instant streaming.

I watched It’s a Boy Girl Thing on Netflix Instant Streaming because I wanted to watch Just One of the Guys, but that’s not available for streaming. Netflix recommended It’s a Boy Girl Thing instead.

It’s a Boy Girl Thing is a solid two-star version of the body-switch movie concept. Instead of doing the more popular generational switch a la such 80s classics as Vice Versa and Like Father Like Son, It’s a Boy Girl Thing goes for the gender swap.

Judge Reinhold & Fred Savage > Kirk Cameron & Dudley Moore

The boy in It’s a Boy Girl Thing, Kevin Zegers, pulls off the cross-gender acting better than Samaire Armstrong. He played it more subtly and came across more like a real girl trapped in a guy’s body. Armstrong went more for the stereotypical crotch grabbing and talking kind of deep and slow, which seemed more like a girl imitating a boy instead of a girl waking up in the body of a boy.

If your favorite part of Daniel Powter’s Bad Day video was the girl, you should watch It’s a Boy Girl Thing. If your reaction to Daniel Powter was “Who?” you can probably skip this movie.