On The Couch 2011 #6: Rambo: First Blood Part II

Like First Blood, now that I’ve seen Rambo, I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to see this movie. I loved it. I don’t know which I like better, First Blood or Rambo. Both First Blood and Rambo had a strong message about how we treat veterans, though First Blood handled it a little better. The action in Rambo was just unbelievable though. Both were great.

Who gets in a helicopter with John Kreese and expects it to go smoothly. Does John Kreese only wear sleeveless tops? IMDB says he was a good guy lawyer on Cagney & Lacey in t he 1980s. I never saw it, but I presume he showed up at court in suit with the sleeves ripped off.

“John Kreese don’t wear no jive sleeves. Uh, I mean, sweep the leg.”

In the special features, it’s mentioned that there was debate about Rambo and Co kissing right before she’s killed. I’m glad they went with the kiss. It definitely made for a bigger sense of loss when she was gunned down. It looked like Rambo was finally going to get a happy ending. That lasted a whole minute. I’m also glad they decided to drop the triple zoom on Rambo’s anguished scream when she dies. How did they possibly think that wasn’t going to come across as ridiculous?

I’m really excited to see Rambo III. I’ve been told there is a big quality dip between Rambo: First Blood Part II and Rambo III (which I always thought should have been named Rambo II: First Blood Part III), but that hasn’t soured my desire to see it.

Wasn’t there a Rambo cartoon series at one point? Or did I just imagine it? Was it any good?