On The Couch 2011 #5: Wedding Daze

When I told a friend I watched Wedding Daze, the expression on his face was pained and sympathetic as he shook and head and said “No. No. No.”

Yeah, that about sums up Wedding Daze.

I really like Michael Ian Black, who wrote and directed Wedding Daze, but I can’t recommend this movie to anyone. It’s not very good at all and not that funny.

Funnier Michael Ian Black project.

The strangest parts of Wedding Daze are when Black throws in gross-out scenes that seem to come from nowhere, as if just to say “In case you forgot this is a Michael Ian Black picture, here you go.”

I watched Wedding Daze at the tail end of a marathon movie watching session on the couch and was in my own daze. I watched it right after finishing Suburbia and kept forgetting which characters were in each movie.

Funnier thing also written by Michael Ian Black.

Between Blue Crush and Wedding Daze, we have strong early contenders for Worst Movie On The Couch 2011. I really didn’t like Blue Crush at all, but I didn’t doze off a couple of time during Blue Crush either, so I may have to give the dubious distinction to Wedding Daze