On The Couch 2011 #4: Suburbia

Watching Suburbia, I felt like I really knew these characters. I mean I felt like the characters were based on people I knew growing up in the suburbs of New York City in the mid-90s. The funny part is, if I saw this movie in the mid-90s, I would have seen this movie as extolling the magic of the lives of me and my friends, but watching it today, that’s definitely not the case.

Does a character doing spoken word performance art come across less annoying in the stage production? Because it’s hugely annoying on film. And in real life for that matter, in case any upcoming performance artists are reading this. At the same time, I felt like Sooze, more than any of the other characters, was plucked right from my particular suburb. I really feel like I knew this girl growing up. She was really annoying back then too.

Sooze, there is nothing about you that isn’t annoying.

Suburbia was alright, but not better than that. The best thing I can say about it is that it captured the depressing side of post-high school suburban life really well. I liked growing up in the ‘burbs, but it had its bad days, and Suburbia definitely captures one of them.

Final thought: Parker Posey is the brunette Elizabeth Banks.