On The Couch 2011 #7: Away We Go

When Away We Go came out, I avoided it. From the previews and print ads, it seemed like it was just trying a little too hard to be the indie jewel of the moment. A pregnant main character, Allison Janney in a supporting role, pencil animation opening credits…wait a second, is this Juno 2?

Now that I’ve seen it, I regret avoiding it. Away We Go is a very good movie. The strength of the film comes from the supporting characters, who are all varying degrees of crazy. Without a doubt, my favorite of the crazy friends were the neo-hippie couple led by Maggie Gyllenhaal. Her scenes alone make Away We Go worth watching.

As great as Gyllenhaal is, the best line in the movie belongs to the sweet little kid who explains what he knows about babies…and infanticide by suffocation.

A lot of the dialogue is witty, but I guess that’s to be expected when Dave Eggers is the writer.

I’ve noticed in the rankings so far this year, that all of the movies I received on a disc from Netflix are ranked higher than every movie I’ve watched on instant streaming. Does this mean the instant streaming selection is bad? Is it that I’ve seen all the good movies available on instant streaming already? Wait, Aliens is available and I haven’t seen that yet. Why did I watch Wedding Daze instead of Aliens? Am I just bad at picking movies on instant streaming?