NYCC Tickets On Sale NOW!


New York Comic Con tickets went on sale today at 12 noon on the New York Comic Con website!

But not all tickets are going on sale today, just the 4-Day Pass ($95), Kid’s Day Tickets ($5) and VIP packages ($195 & $485). If you’re interested in getting any of these tickets, jump on them! You do not want to wait until tickets go on sale at retail locations. Finding 3-Day and 4-Day passes at comic book stores last year was a nightmare. I recommend securing your pass directly from NYCC as soon as you can.

nycc 4day vip kids tix

For those of you interested in the 3-Day Pass, if the past holds true, that will be up for sale shortly after the 4-Day Pass sells out. The individual day tickets will then follow shortly thereafter.

Personally, I think you should buy a 4-Day Pass. At $95, it’s $30 more than the 3-Day pass, so you’re only saving $5 over buying a 3-Day Pass and a separate Thursday ticket. That said, Thursday is the best day at NYCC! The crowds are light. The lines for exclusives are the smallest they’ll be all weekend. It’s the perfect day to take care of things that would take much longer on the more crowded days during NYCC weekend. 

If you’re a parent thinking about taking your kid to NYCC, consider Sunday. Crowds are lighter than Saturday, there are specific activities aimed at kids that day and you can buy a Kid’s Day ticket for your child for only $5! Kid’s Day tickets have sold out quickly in past years.

Two VIP packages are being offered. The Special Access Package ($195) and the Ultimate Access Package ($485). I don’t know about these. Yes, you get onto the show floor first, but you don’t get much of a head start over everyone else. What was nice about the VIP package at Special Edition: NYC was that you were allowed onto the show floor a full half hour before everyone else. Here, you’re just at the front of the line. NYCC is throwing in some cool perks in both of the packages, but at those price points, I recommend giving it some serious thought. They’re super-limited and sure to sell out, so if it appeals to you, get on it quick before you miss out.


UPDATE: As of 12:25 PM on 6/18/14, NYCC VIP Ticket packages are SOLD OUT!

UPDATE 2: As of 1:30 PM on 6/18/14, NYCC 4-Day Passes are SOLD OUT! This is huge. This is the fastest NYCC 4-Day Passes have sold out since they were introduced a couple of years ago. Last year, it took a few weeks for the 4-Day Pass to sell out. The 3-Day Pass is more popular than the 4-Day Pass. If you’re interested in a 3-Day Pass, make sure you are at your computer the minute they go on sale! If you want a 4-Day Pass, Midtown Comics will be the only comic book store carrying them. I’ll update with the on-sale dates for these passes once I find them out.