Agents of SHIELD – S2E13 – One of Us – Recap

We start at dinner time…..someone in Coney Island is eating steak. She’s got robot hands. Hey, it’s Drea De Matteo! Her name is Karla Faye Gideon. We find that out when Kyle shows up and tells her he got her name off a Gifted Index. She asks if they’re with SHIELD. He says he’ll try not to be offended. Classic Kyle zinger!

kyles krew

Kyle’s with Levi and Francis. Levi has control over tech. Francis has the power of looking extra creepy. Drea closes the door in their face. Smart move. She reopens the door. Less smart move. Francis gets her metal gloves off her. She’s got metal razors for fingernails. Kyle wants her to join him. He’s creating his own Masters of Evil it seems.

razor hands

On the bus, Skye and Coulson are sharing a meal. Coulson is adding her to the Gifted Index. Whoa, Blair Underwood’s name just popped up in the opening credits! Sweet! Is he who Coulson is bringing in from the outside? May’s apparent ex? Oooo…

blair underwood

Bobbie and Simmons are in the lab. Simmons is having a hard time explaining Skye’s DNA. Fitz comes in. Simmons intentionally goes quiet when Fitz walks in. Aww, I miss FitzSimmons. Simmons does too it seems. Simmons tells Bobbie that a betrayl of trust like that changes everything. Just in time for Bobbie to field a call from Mac.

Mac is at the safehouse where he has locked up Hunter. Hunter has the great line of the episode when he tells Mac to tell Bobbie he takes it all back…when he said he wished she hadn’t died out there. Harsh, Hunter! Then again, he is handcuffed to the bathroom sink. Bobbie tells Mac to bring Hunter in. She’ll arrange an extraction. How big is this conspiracy?

Hey, it’s Blair Underwood! May is waiting for him at his university job. So it looks like Blair is Andrew, May’s ex. Nice. He doesn’t seem excited about SHIELD needing his help. He’s dismayed that May is back in the field. Interesting. Going through his criteria for helping Skye, he clearly distrusts SHIELD.

WHOA! WHAT? He’s MAY’s EX-HUSBAND!!! I thought he was maybe an ex-boyfriend!

Kyle shows up at an Brinmore Psychiatric Facility and Drea slashes the guard’s throat. Kyle is flagrant, waving at the security camera. We see Francis’s power. He’s super strong (besides just being super creepy).

Coulson and Andrew seem to be on good terms. Coulson briefs Bobbie on the break-in at Brynmore. He also notes that Hunter didn’t show up today, in what seem like a way of judging Bobbie’s reaction.

Skye isn’t excited about meeting with a psychiatrist until she finds out he was married to May. She peppers him with questions. To get Skye to open up, Andrew reveals details about his marriage to May. Nothing big, just enough to get Skye to like him.

Kyle and company tore through the facility. Only two people were stored in the subbasement – John Bruno, a military assassin and a guy who immediately attacks them. This dude looks like Killer Croc. but less reptilian. He’s big, but just being big isn’t an auto-win against Bobbie, who takes him down with ease. Kyle left Coulson a note spray painted on the wall, FIGHT ON.

The second guy is David A. Angar…aka Angar the Screamer. Hahahaha, are you serious?!? Angar the Screamer! Who’s next? D-Man? Not sure why Kyle left Killer Croc but took Angar the Screamer. I’m trying to think of a Marvel villain lamer than Angar. Let me get back to you on that. For those of you who can’t tell why I’m laughing, here’s Angar the Screamer from Marvel Comics:

angar the screamer

While talking to Andrew about Skye, May gets the second best line of the night when she says, “I taught her how to fire an automatic. Of course she likes me.” Andrew and May get snippy about each other’s love life. They’re totally going to sleep together. As I think this, he tells her, “You looks good.” Keep it in your pants, Blair Underwood!

Fitz walks in on them joking around. He’s freaked out. He’s clearly not used to May smiling. Gossiping about May and Andrew reunites FitzSimmons. Yes! Their reunion is cut short when Skye gets a case of the shakes. She’s shaking the entire Bus. Whoa, this is just from Skye having a bad dream? May and Andrew take the good cop bad cop approach to get Skye to calm down. Amazingly, it works.

Bobbie and Coulson are hunting Kyle’s RV on traffic cams. Coulson notes that sometimes ignorance is bliss. Oh, like Bobbie potentially betraying you?

Kyle and company are reenacting Diner…if everyone in Diner were crazy. Razor Fingers is the most normal person in this crew.

Coulson confronts Bobbie about Hunter. He figured out that Hunter didn’t bolt because of Coulson’s job offer, but wrongly thinks it’s because something happened between Bobbie and Hunter personally, because they’re sleeping together. Bobbie blames Hunter bolting on his fear of commitment.

Bobbie gets a hit on the license plate. Coulson figures out what FIGHT ON meant. Kyle and co are heading to Coulson’s hometown in Wyoming.

Skye and Andrew are meeting again in Skye’s room/cell on the Bus. As they talk about the index, Skye gets agitated and the room shakes…except it’s not Skye. The Bus is taking off. Andrew is not happy. He confronts May, who basically says she had no choice.

Kyle and Drea release Angar from his muzzle. He’s about to scream, but Kyle tells him to make it count. Angar walks out onto the 50 yard line and screams. Everyone on the field either passes out or dies, I’m not really sure. Birds fall from the sky. Ruh-roh.

angar the dufus

Mac brings Hunter a pizza. He tells Hunter he wants to keep Hunter alive. He reminsices about how they first met. When Hunter calls his BS, Mac leaves Hunter with the pizza.

Skye wants to head to the field to help Coulson, but May and Andrew think it’s a bad idea. They don’t want her near her dad. It turns out Coulson never went to this high school, but his dad did coach football and taught history. Coulson’s dad died when Coulson was 9.

Kyle gets on the loudspeaker. He calls his group The Slicing Talons. Maybe work on that name, Kyle. Kyle is pissed that Coulson killed Daniel Whitehall. That’s what this is all about? I have to say, I really like Kyle McLaughin as a completely crazy bonkers person. Phil wants to wait for May, but when Kyle threatens to kill the highschoolers, Phil comes out of the shadows. Kyle’s people are on the field. Angar takes Coulson’s gun. Kyle gives him a speech about stopping Coulson before Coulson has a chance to hurt his daughter. That’s when May walks out of the shadows with a gun dug into Skye’s neck. Even Coulson is surprised.

Kyle advances on May, and May tells him to tell his people to stand down on his daughter dies. He’s convinced May won’t kill her, but that Coulson would. He give Angar the microphone and tells him to tell the whole town. Someone shoot Angar already.

As Angar is about to scream, the blind teleporter from last week ports in, grabs Kyle and ports out. Drea yells, “End this!” Coulson rushes Angar, punches him in the larynx and drops him. May fights the super strong Francis, but even with her fighting skills is losing out to his brute strength. Drea climbs down from the bleachers and is ambushed by Bobbie. She manages to escape into the locker room. Bobbie pursues. Carla (Drea) isn’t being taken alive. I have a bad feeling that Bobbie is going to die because Hunter says he wishes she was dead. But Bobbie wins. I’m very happy about that.

Skye sees Coulson whip that tech dude in the face, and freaks out a bit. She starts shaking, but gets it under control. Unfortunately, controlling it causes her to break out in bruises all over her arms and she passes out. Coulson and May run to her. She wakes on The Bus. Whoa, she shattered her own arms. She wasn’t stopping her powers, she was directing them inward. Now Skye’s a danger to her friends, and herself. Skye is worried, but May reassures here.

Simmons wants to categorize superhumans into different subcategories. Deathlok and David Angar she calls “Enhanced,” because their gifts were man-made. But Skye and Raina, this is something that was inside them. For now, Simmons is calling them “Other.” Could “Inhuman” be far behind?

Now that they’re back at the base, Andrew is leaving. He recommends that Skye leaves SHIELD. May thinks she’s safest with them. May offers Blair Underwood a recurring role on the show, but he turns it down. He does say he can recommend someone else though. Please let it be Doctor Seaver from Growing Pains!

dr seaver

Mac grabs Hunter and takes him to a secret facility. Mac tells Hunter who he’s working for…SHIELD, the real SHIELD, and steps away to reveal the real SHIELD’s new logo.


Kyle has wrecked the room the blind teleporter left him in. The teleporter asks if he’s done. Kyle is pissed that he didn’t grab Daisy/Skye too. But the reason the teleporter grabbed him is that Kyle “is making too much noise.” He says that Kyle isn’t one of them, that Kyle is a science experiment. Kyle steps out of the room to meet with the teleporter’s boss (or bosses) as the episode fades to black.