Agents of SHIELD – S2 E12 – Who You Really Are – Recap

The episode starts in Portugal. Some dude is explaining s’mores to another dude on the beach when Lady Sif emerges from the water. She’s looking for someone named Carver. The people on the beach, one who looks like Josh Jackson, don’t know who Carver is. One of the guys tries to hit on Sif. Big mistake. She punches him across the beach. She also has amnesia. Now that’s how you start an episode!

sif on the beach who you really are

At Coulson HQ, May and Skye are training. It’s intense. Do they do their own stunts? Skye flips May and pins her. May tells her that she should have gone for a finishing blow. Skye makes a Mortal Kombat joke. Skye is worried about letting loose, and hurting her friends if she does. Fitz interrupts training to get May to back off Skye. May doesn’t like training being interrupted and offers for Fitz to come back and train one on one with her if he wants to interrupt training so badly. Unsurprisingly, Fitz declines.
Bobbie and Hunter are post-coitus. It was either really energetic sex or they’re both secretly in terrible shape. Hunter tells Bobbie that Coulson offered him a permanent position. She seems hesitant for him to take it. It seems like Hunter is doing this for Bobbie, but I wonder if Bobbie wants him there with what she and Mac have planned.
bobbie and hunter who you really are
Speaking of Mac, he’s meeting with Coulson. They’re doing inventory. Coulson wants to upgrade Mac to field agent status. Mac’s hesitant about it. He passes himself off here as a bit of a pacifist. May coomes in to tell Coulson about Portugal. The Portugal authories have Sif in custody. Coulson and company make a beeline for Portugal and Sif, who asks if Coulson is Carver. Coulson tells her that he’s not Carver, but rather Son of Coul. Ha. He shows her a still from the last time she was on  he show to show her that they’ve worked together before. It turns out Twitter is the answer to the mystery of what happened to Sif. Someone posted a video of her in a sword fight with some dude. She doesn’t remember this. The team theorizes that this mystery man is a rouge Asgardian.
The rouge Asgardian seems at first glance to maybe be an Absorbing Man-like guy. It’s not the Absorbing Man from previously in the series, but he seems to have the same powers. He shows up at a hospital holding what looks like a large metal screw and is changing colors to match the screw.
Coulson deduces that Sif was undercover. Sif doesn’t remember anything, but when May mentions Thor, Sif smiles, but doesn’t remember him.
Hunter, Mac and Fitz are checking the pier. Bobbie and Skye check the hospital. The rouge Asgardian beats up Bobbie. Skye draws her gun on him, and then loses it and shakes the place, knocking down shelves. In the confusion, the rouge Asgardian escapes. Skye fills Coulson in on the rouge. He might not be Asgardian at all. He was using Nitrogen to turn his blue skin pink. Skye things he’s a Kree. I’m now on the same page as Skye, as the Kree are the resident blue skinned aliens of the Marvel Universe. Sif notes Carver isn’t just a name, it’s the Kree work for keys.
the kree
Hunter walks in on Skye and Fitz talking about Skye’s secret. He doesn’t hear anything. Speaking of secrets, after Simmons finishes checking on Bobbie, Mac meets with Bobbie. Mac wants Bobbie to convince Hunter to leave. He says, “I don’t want him here in case he takes their side.” Just who are these two really working for? Mac wants Hunter gone to preserve their friendship with Hunter when they betray Coulson. Aww, Mac is the traitor with the heart of gold.
Skye doesn’t want to be on the Kree mission. She’s worried about hurting her friends, and them finding out her secret.
The Kree dude pulls out a Kree inscribed lock box. Coulson’s crew ambushes him. Coulson shoots him with an electified net. The Kree’s name is Vintac. He sounds like he was named after a floppy disk company. Also, the Kree have these V-shaped brow ridges.
Hunter stops by Bobbie. She gives him the cold shoulder and tells him she needs time to figure them out. She wants to slow things down. Awww man, she’s totally Call of the Wilding him. Don’t believe her Hunter. She loves you!
Sif wants to know how the truncheon works. FYI…the truncheon is that large screw thing the Kree guy is carrying around. The Kree says it only works when its in his hand. To prove this, he kicks the truncheon out of Coulson’s hand, grabs it and hits Sif with it. He then immediately backs down. He just wanted to prove a point. Being hit with the truncheon restores Sif’s memories. Sif immediately punches Vintac in the face. Apparently the Asgardians and Kree have a longstanding feud.
The Kree mentions terrigenesis. Terrigenesis! For those of you not familiar with the comics, terrigenesis is how the Inhumans get their powers. The Inhumans are an offshoot of humanity who were experimented on long ago by the Kree. When an Inhuman is exposed to the terrigan mists, he or she goes from baseline human to Inhuman, gaining random superpowers. It’s kind of like mist activated X-Men. While the mutants in the X-Men have their x-gene activated when they hit puberty, the Inhumans need to be exposed to the terrigan mists to gain their superpowers. While Sif and the Kree explain terrigenesis, FitzSimmons are examining a crate taken out of the pit. In the crate are spots for 6 diviners…but no actual diviners. Who has them? Hydra?
Back at base, Fitz stupidly leaves his analysis of Skye’s DNA on his iPad right where Simmons can pick it up. She’s impressed by the work and the results and wants to know whose DNA it is. He flounders.  He says it’s a simulation. Simmons is amazed at how real it looks.
The Kree and Sif both want to take out anyone affected by terrigenesis permanently. This gets Skye a bit worked up. The whole base starts to quake. May is the first one to realize that it’s Skye doing this. Sif wants to take Skye to Asgard. The Kree thinks she’s too dangerous to live. Coulson throws himself between Skye and the Kree as May runs with Skye. Coulson tries bringing Sif on his side, but she sides with the Kree. Mac and Bobbie intercept the Kree. Mac gets a punch in before being flung across the room. Hunter doesn’t do much better. It’s Bobbie’s turn. She’s a much better fighter than the two of them. She might not last long, but it might be long enough…long enough for Fitz to blast him with a gun borrowed from Cable. It’s huge. Bobbie zaps the Kree with his own truncheon.
skye shakes who you really are
May tries to talk Skye down. They’ve locked themselves in Ward’s old cell. Sif cuts through the energy wall with her sword. That’s not helping calm Skye down. Skye shoots herself with the knockout gun. This convinces Sif that Skye wants to get better. She agrees to leave Skye with Coulson, though she still doesn’t think it’s the best move. Since being hit with the truncheon, the Kree guy doesn’t remember anything other than that he’s Kree. Sif is going to return him to Hala, the Kree home world.
May has the best line of the night when Sif leaves. “Not a lot of laughs that one. And when I say that…”
Simmons is getting on Fitz’s case for not telling her about Skye. Fitz didn’t want people to treat Skye differently, like they did him. Mac ironcialy says that secrets don’t help anybody. Bobbie joins in. The irony continues.  Skye walks in just as Mac yells that they’re the ones who need protection from Skye. Fitz is the only one on Team Skye right now. Skye’s bag is already packed. She doesn’t bolt, but she does confine herself to her bunk? a cell? That was a heavy door, so i’m guessing cell.
In the final scene, Mac is working on the Bus. Hunter marches up the ramp and confronts him. He wants to know what’s up with Mac and Bobbie. Mac responds to his questions might knocking him out. So much for staying friends…