Wreck It Ralph – Review Dec14


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Wreck It Ralph – Review

5/5 – Wreck-It crushes it!
Man, the people at Pixar outdid themselves with Wreck-It Ralph. Don’t dismiss this movie because it’s aimed at children. This is a must-see!
Wait, did I say Pixar? Hmm, it turns out this is a Disney release, not Pixar. It’s kind of weird that Pixar gave us a princess movie this year and Disney gave us the movie from an unusual POV. Pixar is known for movies told from the point of view of bugs, toys, etc., and Disney is known for Princess movies. John Lasseter produced Wreck It Ralph, which give it Pixar status in my mind.
But, back to the movie…Ralph is a videogame villain from the 8-bit era, who is growing tired with his lot in life. When he expresses it, people are worried that he’s “going Turbo.” I wondered what that meant at first. My best guess was that it was a Street Fighter reference. I was wrong.
M. Bison has nothing to do with “going Turbo.”

Wreck-It Ralph should be required viewing in every screenwriting class. It’s tightly paced, has great character development, and everything pays off. Everything that happens in acts two and three is deftly set-up earlier in the movie.
Bad-Anon! This is just genius!

It was fun spotting all the cameos in Wreck It Ralph, like the characters from Dig Dug and Sonic the Hedgehog. Sadly, my all time favorite 80s video game character, Mr. Do, was nowhere to be found.

These posters are awesome!

There’s a Wreck-It Ralph iPad game that is a bargain at $0.99. You get Fix It Felix, Jr., a Smash TV-esque shooter starring Jane Lynch’s character, and a Ralph game that has him trying to get as high as possible in the candy cane trees. What do you call those types of games where your goal is just to shoot yourself higher higher to get points? Is that a genre now? There seem to be a bunch of variations on that idea in the app store. On another note, the game says a Turbo racing game is coming soon. I hope that’s true.