Lincoln – Review

After a brief stop at Shake Shack after seeing Wreck-It Ralph, we headed back to the theater and caught Lincoln.
In the battle of movies I saw that night, Wreck-It Ralph was the clear winner over Lincoln.
I was excited for the cast of Lincoln. I thought that Daniel Day Lewis was perfect as Abraham Lincoln. I thought Joseph Gordon Levitt was great as Lincoln’s eldest son. I loved Tommy Lee Jones in the movie. His character was actually my favorite in the movie.
I also really loved the way handled Lincoln’s assassination. It was done from a very different and unexpected point of view.
But the story was kind of on the boring side. There was a part of the movie where I realized I had just glazed over during the scene completely. It was during one of the “we need to convince this guy to vote our way” scenes. I have no idea how they convinced him. I came to just in time to find out they did. Just thinking about that scene as I type this is putting me back to sleep…
I was more interested in Tommy Lee Jones’s character, Thaddeus Stevens, than I was in Abraham Lincoln. If the movie was his story, I think I would have been much more entertained. Sure, there would have to be a title change, but that’s a small price to pay to be entertained. Bring on the Thaddeus Stevens movie!
This guy rocks!
One of the most fascinating parts about the movie was who were the abolitionist and who were pro-slavery. I always thought it was a north-south divide, and figured the loudest abolitionists would be from the far northern states, and the pro-slavery guys would be the southern-border states. But the loudest person pro-slavery was a Representative from New York. Being a native New Yorker, that kind of bummed me out
As for me not being able to really get into the movie, I guess I should have taken it as a bad sign for the movie when in the opening scene, I hoped that the camera followed the black union soldier that was talking to Lincoln instead of staying on Lincoln. Even that early on, I subconsciously had the feeling that the side characters would be more interesting than the title character of the film.
Oh, and where were the vampires?