The Exclusive Merch of Wizard World Philly 2013

Wizard World Philadelphia is this coming weekend. I was originally going to do a Top 5 Exclusives of Wizard World Philadelphia, like I did for Wonder Con. Unfortunately, looking over the list of show exclusives, I honestly can’t find five items to recommend. When it comes to cool exclusives, companies seem to be not as focused on Wizard World Philly like they are with NYCC and SDCC.

But if you do find yourself at Wizard World this weekend here are my Top 5 Top 3 Exclusives of Wizard World Philadelphia 2013!

Walking Dead #1 Philadelphia Comic Con Exclusive Variant Cover by Julian Totino Tedesco – FREE
I don’t usually get excited for variant covers, but this comic has two things going for it: 1.) That painted cover by Julian Totino Tedesco looks very cool. 2.) It’s free to all paid attendees.

White Phoenix Funko Pop! Figure – $20/$45
I really like Funko’s line of big-headed figures and bobbleheads. They’re just super-cute. For all you Jean Grey fans out there, there are two versions of this figure to be had at Wizard World Philly. The standard version will run you $20. If you’d like the glow-in-the-dark variant, you’ll have to buy a two-figure set that includes the standard and variant versions for $45.

Stan Lee Cologne – $25
That’s right. Stan. Lee. Cologne. Quite possibly the oddest convention exclusive ever offered. Have you ever wanted to mimic the musk of a 90-year old man? Now’s your chance! I’m picturing the cologne smelling like a mix of gamma rays and Brylcreem. If I make it to Wizard World Philly, EVERYONE is getting this for their birthday this year.

Did I miss something cool? Check out the full list here and let me know.