NYCC 3-Day Passes are Over 90% Sold Out!

New York Comic Con announced today that 3-Day passes are 90% sold out. Have you bought yours yet? I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re completely gone by the end of this week, if not by the end of today.
Buying a 3-Day pass is a bargain compared to buying 1-Day passes, as the 3-Day pass is only $15 more than the Saturday pass.
NYCC has barely begun announcing the line-up of guests and it already looks awesome. Scott Snyder, Dan Slott, David Finch, Felicia Day, Eve Miles, Adam Hughes and Jonathan Hickman will all be there.
If you’re planning on going to NYCC for more than one day (and why wouldn’t you?), don’t get locked out! Head to NYCC’s website and buy your ticket now!
Tuesday Night Movies will be at NYCC all four days providing coverage of the east coast’s largest comic book and entertainment convention!
Written by Billy Henehan, who would like it if you liked us on Facebook.