The Dos and Don’ts of NYCC 2012 Oct10


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The Dos and Don’ts of NYCC 2012

Whether New York Comic Con 2012 is your first convention or your five hundredth, following these dos and don’ts will almost guarantee you and the people around you all have a good time.

DO: Plan ahead!
New York Comic Con is big. There are many cool panels to attend, writers, artists and actors to meet, dealers to buy from and publishers’ booths to check out. To make sure you don’t miss out that piece of exclusive merchandise that you really want, or meeting your favorite creator, plan ahead. Check out the maps and schedule on the website. Use your phone’s calendar to remind you of special events. Make a checklist.

DO: Download the NYCC app for your iPhone or Droid!
There have been NYCC smartphone before. They have for the most part been useless. This year’s NYCC app has changed that. They’ve rebuilt it from the ground up. It’s a great resource to have before and during the convention. It’s packed with information: panel schedules, a full list of guests, floor maps and a live Twitter stream of NYCC related tweets. If you’re looking for information regarding, NYCC, the app probably has it.

DO: Bathe! Every morning! With soap!
I will stop recommending this when you stop smelling. If you don’t bathe with soap, you will smell, thus both perpetuating a foul odor and a foul stereotype. Let’s start a new stereotype: The freshly washed nerd!

DO: Mind your obnoxiously overstuffed backpack.
It’s easy to not notice when you hit someone with your backpack. You probably don’t feel it. The other person definitely does. Better yet, pack a messenger bag instead. They are the perfect size for holding books, look more stylish, and make you more maneuverable. But if you’re a fan of looking like King Koopa, please be mindful of where your backpack is in relation to other people’s faces.

DO: Stay healthy!
Your immune system is going to be weakened by the marathon sessions of being on your feet all day for four days. There will be lots of people in an enclosed space, all recirculating the same air and pawing over merchandise likely that hasn’t ever been cleaned. This all leads to one thing: Nerd Flu. Don’t get it. Wash your hands. Pack a travel size container hand sanitizer.

DON’T: Push!
New York Comic Con is going to be crowded, especially on Saturday and Sunday. Expect to be stuck in slow moving traffic. Don’t be that guy who pushes the person in front of you to signal you’d like things to be moving faster. It doesn’t make the crowd move faster, lowers the mood, and makes you an asshole. NYCC 2012: No Assholes. It’s a motto we can all get behind.

DO: Take a break!
Sure, there’s enough to do at NYCC to fill the whole day. But if the crowds start getting to you, take a break. Get some sunlight and fresh air. There’s a deli a couple of avenue blocks away on 34th St that has a good selection of food and drinks, and plenty of seating. Head there. Decompress. Get a bite to eat. Then head back to the Javitz refreshed.

DON’T: Even think about asking for more than 3-5 signatures at 1 time!
It’s obnoxious to show up with a stack of 30 books, especially if there are other people waiting, or if an artist is signing your books while also working on a commission.

DON’T: Be afraid to haggle with a dealer!
If you see something you like, don’t be afraid to politely ask if the dealer can do a little better on the price. If the price is $60, ask if they can do $50. Maybe he’ll say yes, maybe he’ll counter with $55 and maybe he’ll say no. If he says no, don’t be afraid to walk away. Maybe you’ll get the deal you’re looking for at another booth. Maybe that first dealer will call you back over instead of losing out on a sale. A lot of dealers are selling the same merchandise and want your money to end up in their pockets, not the guy’s in the booth next to them. This is doubly true on Sunday. Whatever these guys don’t sell, they have pack, carry, load, unload, carry and unpack later.

DON’T: Be creepy!
It’s interesting how weird people can be when they’re around someone they love or someone they hate. Whether it’s your favorite writer, or “that bastard who ruined _________,” they’re all people, just like you and me. Be cool.

DO: Eat the soft pretzels!
They’re delicious!

DON’T: Eat all the soft pretzels!
Save some for me!

Written by David Henehan