The Cosplay of NYCC 2012

There were so many awesome costumes at this year’s New York Comic Con! I think this year may have boasted the most impressive cosplayers since NYCC began. Here are some of my favorites!

New rule: all dealers need to cosplay, just like Absorbing Man here. 
The most dangerous hazard with crowded escalators: getting hit in the face repeatedly by Bark the Mog’s wagging tail.

Arcee, ready to roll out.
And one of many 11th Doctors in the background. 

“There’s money in the banana stand.”
The only way this costume could have been better is if it was self-immolating.
This might not be a George Costanza costume. Maybe this guy just really likes Seinfeld and tucking his shirts into his denim shorts. I hope this is a George Costanza costume.

War time Captain America and the Scarecrow partying it up like an intercompany crossover.
I was really impressed by this woman’s Captain Marvel costume for a couple of reasons: 1. This costume just debuted in the comics a couple of months ago! 2. She even incorporated Carol Danvers’s new hairstyle.

There were so many Doctors at NYCC, but only one Doctor Strange. I want this cape. 

I’ve seen many guys dressed as Ghostbusters over the years, but none as elaborate as this duo. They even had a Slimer! 

A very manly Mera.

While not a costume, this remote control R5-D4 was amazing. 


I really wish this picture came out clearer. 
These three had awesome Wasp, Scarlet Witch and Ant-Man costumes. 
I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone cosplay Ant-Man before!

Weeping Angel.
Don’t blink….but feel free to tip generously.
This guy needs a “Free Face Hugs” sign.
I don’t get the whole Free Hugs thing. But Free Shrugs, I get that. 
Cassandra Cain Batgirl and Red Robin. 

I was very happy to see someone cosplaying my favorite Batgirl, Stephanie Brown.
My absolute favorite costumes from this year’s NYCC all have something in common: wings. 
Sorceress and Skeletor
Does He-Man know about this?

Victoria’s Secret Stormtrooper Angel
This guy rocked the runway that is Artist Alley!
But my absolute favorites…
Steam Punk Hawkgirl and Hawkman
There two win! The attention to detail in their helmets. The individually feathered metal wings. This Steam Punk Hawkgirl and Hawkman pair are amazing!
Written by David Henehan. Photos by Billy Henehan, David Henehan, Nicholas Doyle and Graig Kreindler.