The Costumes of NYCC 2011

In honor of Halloween, I thought I would share pictures of some of my favorite costumes from this year’s New York Comic Con! I hope you enjoy them!

I’ve never said “I need to take this guy’s photo” as quickly as I said it when I saw this guy’s Gambit costume. From head to toe, this costume is amazing!
Peter Porker: The Spectacular Spider-Ham
When I was a kid, I was a super huge Spider-Ham fan. I still am. This costume rocks. And rolls. I hope someone next year dresses up as Captain Americat!
M. Bison
Besides making the entire costume, this guy sculpted himself a new chin to look more like the big boss bad guy from Street Fighter II!
Silent Bob
Silent Bob
Both of these Silent Bobs kept in character when I interacted with them on the floor. I don’t know if I’d be able to go an entire day without talking. I’d be sure to slip up by the time I ordered my first pretzel of the con. I think they both captured Silent Bob perfectly.
Buddy Christ
Continuing the theme of Kevin Smith inspired costumes comes this one straight out of Dogma. I really like that he gave me the Buddy Christ pose for this photo.
The Fourth Doctor
I so want a Tom Baker scarf.

The Tenth Doctor
There were a lot of Doctors at New York Comic Con this year, which makes sense as it’s a fairly easy costume to put together. I was wearing a jacket and tie on Saturday and people thought I was dressed as The Tenth Doctor. I think this guy did it much better than I did!
The Eleventh Doctor
I haven’t reached the Matt Smith seasons of Doctor Who yet, so I needed a friend to explain to me who all these people walking around in fezzes were. It didn’t help that the first guy I saw dressed as The Eleventh Doctor in a fez had a really thick beard, which made me think he was cosplaying Jonathan Rhy- Davies from Raiders of the Lost Ark. But no, he was The Doctor. With the exception of maybe only Spider-Man or a Stormtrooper, The Eleventh Doctor may have been the most popular costume at NYCC this year.
The Eleventh Doctor
Like I said, The Eleventh Doctor was a very popular costume this year.
Dalek and…um, is that a guy from Cats?
I saw a few Daleks and even a couple of girls dressed as the TARDIS. I thought this was one of the best Dalek costumes I saw. I don’t know who the guy was supposed to be. Is he someone from Cats? Or a member of Heathcliff’s crew? I’ve been told by my more serious Doctor Who fan friends that his costume isn’t Doctor Who related. Anyone recognize him?
Mr. T
I saw two guys dressed like Mr. T out on the show floor. One had a giant bazooka. This one had a giant box of Mr. T cereal. Mr. T cereal wins. I pity the fool who don’t love cereal!
This is the first Doug Funnie costume I have ever seen. This guy rules.
Bumblebee and Loki
I hated the Transformers movie. But it ended up giving us this guy’s awesome, eight foot tall costume, so I guess it’s not all bad. I accidentally took this Loki’s picture while trying to get a quick shot of Bumblebee. Amazing attention to detail in both Bumblebee and Loki.

Cobra Commander
I love when people get into character for their photo. This Cobra Commander definitely brought it!

Luke Cage
Besides being 100% accurate and well put together, what made this costume work so well is that this guy is tall and ripped. He looks like Luke Cage stepped out of a 1980s comic and walked into New York Comic Con!

Master Shake
We were almost run over by this Master Shake on Saturday. I grabbed my friends and jumped into a nearby Silver Age dealer’s booth and pretended to look through back issues of Legion of Superheroes to avoid be crushed by this Master Shake.
The Prince
I LOVE Katamari. The only way this costume could be better would be if this girl was rolling around a ball made up entirely of con swag.

The Tick and Arthur
Happy Halloween everyone!
Written by Billy Henehan / Photos by David Henehan & Graig Kreindler.