At The Theater 2011 #12: 50/50

Wow, 50/50 is good, damn good. I think it is safe to say that if Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in a movie, you should go see it. Look at the list of movies he’s made over the past 10 years: Brick, The Lookout, (500) Days of Summer, Inception, and now 50/50. These are all great movies. Sure, he was Cobra Commander is the horrendous G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra movie, but that exception aside, I think it’s time we all embrace the rule that if Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in a movie, we need to see that movie.

Not to discount Seth Rogen in 50/50. Rogen plays his usual, funny self, and with good reason in this movie. 50/50 is a semi-autobiographical movie written by a friend of Rogen’s and Seth Rogen’s character in 50/50 is largely based on Seth Rogen in real life.

This might be my favorite scene in 50/50.

Anna Kendrick is super cute in this movie. We need more movies where Anna Kendrick is super cute, which basically means more movies with Anna Kendick.

Super cute.

Going into 50/50, I was warned that it is a very depressing movie. After seeing it, I don’t think that depressing is the right term. Adam, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character, is put through some major ordeals throughout the course of the film, but I found the movie to be a very uplifting tale about the life of a cancer patient. Granted, there are some very sad parts in the movie, but calling 50/50 depressing is like calling Philadelphia depressing. That said, you might want to bring a travel pack of tissues with you into the theater.

50/50 is my favorite movie so far this year, and I feel it’s going to be a hard task for another movie to unseat it. If you haven’t seen it yet, I implore you to go do so. It is that good. Movies tickets are getting pricey these days. Spend your hard earned cash on great one.