The Adventures of Tintin (At The Theater 2012 #10) Sep19


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The Adventures of Tintin (At The Theater 2012 #10)

Except for while on the airplane, I didn’t expect to see any movies during my trip to Kauai. But when we heard on the radio that the Poipu Rotary Club would be hosting a screening of The Adventures of Tintin on Poipu Beach, we decided to check it out.

I was worried that with The Adventures of Tintin being a children’s movie, there would a mob of noisy, crying kids at the beach for the screening. The kids were there, but they couldn’t have been better behaved. I’m guessing a lot of the younger ones didn’t make it through the entire film, but they were joined by their fair share of adults in not staying awake for the whole movie. I don’t blame the movie. The Adventures of Tintin is great. I’m guessing that after a long day of hiking, swimming, surfing, kayaking or a combination of all four, it’s easy to fall asleep on your beach blanket, especially if you’ve had a glass or two of wine (the adults that is, not the kids!).

We were running late and didn’t get to stop by a wine store, so I was happy to find that the deli across the street from Poipu Beach sells alcohol. It doesn’t have the best wine selection, but I was very happy to find a chilled bottle of pink with a screw top. The guy behind the counter let me grab a couple of plastic cups as well, so more praise to them.

You guys, The Adventures of Tintin was so good. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend you do. The tone of the movie is similar to The Secret of Monkey Island computer games I couldn’t play enough of as a teen. I’ll be honest, I have never read a Tintin book, so I can’t comment on how true to the original this movie is, but the movie definitely stands on its own.

I knew that Simon Pegg was in The Adventures of Tintin before seeing the movie. I also knew that he wasn’t playing Tintin. But for some reason, I kept expecting his voice to come out of Tintin’s mouth. That reason being that they kind of look alike.

I look forward to watching this a second time, but I know my couch just can’t compete with a beach blanket and the breeze of the nearby ocean.

Thank you, Poipu Rotary Club, for giving us a great evening in Poipu. The Poipu Rotary Club is currently raising money to make the beaches of Kauai safer for swimmers. You can see what they’re doing and find out how you can help here.