SE:NYC Tickets On Sale This Wednesday!

If you are a comic book fan who dismissed Special Edition: NYC last year as being New York Comic Con Lite, then you definitely missed out. Special Edition: NYC isn’t a scaled down New York Comic Con. It’s a comic book concentrated New York Comic Con. SE:NYC was a comic book fan’s dream come true. Imagine great local comic book conventions in the past, like the Ramapo High School Comic Cons of the 80s and 90s, but with the power of NYCC behind it, and you get SE:NYC! Last year’s line-up was great, and I expect this year’s line-up to be just as good.


This year, Special Edition: NYC is moving out of the Javits Convention Center to the nearby Pier 94. The two day convention runs Saturday, June 6 and Sunday, June 7. Tickets are $30 for Saturday, $20 for Sunday, and $45 for the weekend. There is also a VIP package available for $100. Plus, if you’re a parent, both days are “Kids Day,” as kids 6-12 can get a Kids Ticket for only $5.

Tickets go on sale this Wednesday, February 4. Last year, tickets did not sell as briskly as they did for NYCC, but that doesn’t mean you should dawdle in securing your spot. The VIP option did sell out last year, and is completely worth it. The VIP ticket is priced at the not-breaking-the-bank price of $100. This gets you into the convention both days, a VIP lounge and coat check (okay, a coat check isn’t the most necessary thing for a convention in June, but it’s still nice), a poster signed by the artist who drew it, 15% off at the show store…okay, I get it, this all sounds nice, but you’re asking yourself, “Why should I pay more than double the price of the $45 weekend pass for the VIP Package?” Well, that’s easy! Because VIP ticket holders get into the show floor a half hour before everyone else. If you’re like me and love to get sketches from artists, this can mean the difference between securing a spot on someone’s list and being the guy who just missed the cut off. I got a couple of very cool sketches as last year’s SE:NYC thanks to the VIP pass getting me in early, so I’ll definitely be gunning for that package at 12 noon on Wednesday. Also, VIP ticket holders will get a private autographing session with two of the creators at SE:NYC. Which two? They haven’t said yet, but I’m guessing it will two of higher profile names attending the show.

Set your alarm for noon on Wednesday and get your SE: NYC ticket! Want more details on Special Edition: NYC? Check out the SE:NYC website.