On The Couch 2011 #16: Rambo III May19


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On The Couch 2011 #16: Rambo III

Rambo III is the Rambo movie that Rambo fans seem to apologize for when they tell you how amazing Rambo movies are. Except for my friend Nick, who has repeatedly claimed “Rambo III is awesome!” This is the same friend who told me I wasn’t a man until I had seen all of the Rambo movies. Well, Nick, I’m now 75% of a man.
Rambo III is definitely the most by-the-numbers of the first three Rambo movies. But I feel like the producers were just trying to give the audience what they wanted. I remember my schoolmates growing up telling me that First Blood sucked compared to Rambo. It’s like the producers were listening to this elementary school playground banter. Gone is the message about veterans’ rights from First Blood, replaced with more explosions, more bullets and more blood. This movie is like Rambo on steroids. Oh, wait…

Possibly the coolest/most ridiculous movie scene ever?

Three Rambo movies down, one to go. I can’t lie, Rambo III was the one I was least excited about watching, but it didn’t come across as badly as so many of Rambo loving fan friends warned. It’s definitely the weakest of the three, but it’s still much better than a lot of action movies from the 1980s. If you take it for what it is, you won’t be disappointed. How could you? Kurtwood Smith is in it!

Rambo III wasn’t even the most disappointing thing I watched that day. That would be the Mets losing to the Washington Nationals in their home opener. The Washington Nationals! Come on!

Bring on Rambo! I want to be a man the next time I hang out with Nick!