NYCC 2014 Exclusive Merch!

Written by David Henehan.

Like in past years, there is a lot of exclusive merchandise available for sale at New York Comic Con 2014. We went through the list and picked out what we think is the best for this guide. Sadly, it looks like Hasbro has once again spurned NYCC, with zero exclusives available at the show. I really wish they would reverse course on this decision, but there are still plenty of cool exclusives from other companies available at the convention. We found something for every budget, as prices range from free to $300.

Be sure to bookmark this page, as this post will be updated as we get closer to NYCC 2014!

Avengers & X-Men: Axis #1 Midtown Comics Variant ($12) – I’m not usually one for variant covers, but this one that is drawn to look like a Scarlet Witch/Enchantress playing card looks really cool. Even the back cover ad for Midtown Comics looks like the back of a playing card! Available at the Midtown Comics booth (2036) and Midtown Comics stores around NYC.

axis midtown variant

Batman: Arkham Origins Play Arts -Kai- Deathstroke Limited Color Version – ($99.99 – Limited to 1000 pieces) – 10″ tall and completely bad ass looking, this is redeco of the Arkham Origins Play Arts Deathstroke, It’s painted in metallic hues of Deathstroke’s original blue and gold costume. Available at the Square Enix booth (1813). Square Enix has 500 of these Deathstroke figures available for pre-order on their website if you’d like to guarantee yourself one, or can’t make it to NYCC.

nycc 2014 deathstroke square enix exclusive

Star Wars Wampa Hallmark Keepsake Ornament ($35 – Limited to 200/day) – The first place I’ll be hitting up on Thursday is the Hallmark booth (1554) for this ornament. My Christmas tree hasn’t been complete for years, I see that now, because it was missing this ornament. If you’d like this ornament too, make sure you join me first thing on the Hallmark booth line. They’re only selling 200 per day, and this will sell out quickly! Also, if your friends want one, they’ll have to join you in line. Hallmark traditionally caps to these exclusives to one of each ornament per person.


Iron Man 3 War Machine Hallmark Keepsake Ornament ($25 – Limited to 150/day) – I have loved the War Machine armor since it was first introduced in the Iron Man comics back in the 1990s. Limited edition War Machine ornament, you say? Well, I’m going to be on that Hallmark line anyway. And for those of you who bought the Hallmark Iron Patriot ornament last year, this is a repaint of that ornament. Just think how great they’ll look next to each other on your tree. Available at the Hallmark booth (1554).


Batman: Arkham’s Avenger Hallmark Keepsake Ornament ($35 – Limited to 175/day) – This ornament is inspired by the Arkham City video game, capturing Batman perched on one of Gotham City’s numerous gargoyles. Like their other ornaments, sales on this are super limited, so get on that Hallmark booth (1554) line early!


Star Wars Tusken Raider and Bantha itty bitty Plush ($20 – Limited to 300/day) – For the little Star Wars fan in your life…or you know, just for you. It’s a cute stuffed animal pair consisting of a Tusken Raider and a bantha, the beast that the Sand People ride on in the desert wastes of Tatooine. These are super cute, and super limited. Available at the Hallmark booth (1554).



Sam Raimi Action Figure – Direct your Tobey Maguire Spider-Man action figure in an action figure version of the never made Spider-Man 4 with this Sam Raimi action figure. Limited to only 50 pieces. Between all the Spider-Man and Army of Darkness fans at NYCC, I don’t see these lasting long. $65 claims yours at the Tenacious Toys booth (208).

Doctor Who TITAN: 8″ Trenzalore TARDIS Figure – It’s the Doctor’s tombstone, his own decayed TARDIS from his grave on Trenzalore. I really like Titan’s line of Doctor Who TITANS. This one is no exception. Available at the Titan booth (2142)

nycc 2014 tardis trensalore

Doctor Who TITANS: 3″ 12th Doctor Homeless Outfit Figure – Wearing the coat he bought off a homeless man, in Victorian London, this 3″ TITAN of 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi will look awesome standing contrasted on your bookshelf with last year’s 10th Doctor Tuxedo Variant TITAN on your bookshelf. Available at the Titan booth (2142)

homeless 12 doctor titan nycc 2014

Doctor Who TITANS: 6.5″ 12th Doctor Figurre – Do you like your Doctors bigger? Then you should opt for this 6.5″ variant of Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor, standing at more then twice the size of the other TITAN Capaldi figure. Available at the Titan booth (2142)

nycc exclusive 12 doctor

Ecto-1 POP Rides! – There are a few Funko Pop! exclusives available at NYCC this year, but this special “slimed” variant of the Funko POP Rides! Ecto-1 car with Egon behind the wheel is definitely the coolest. Available at Toy Tokyo (101)

nycc 2014 ecto 1

30th Anniversary Voltron Gold Edition – And I thought the 20th Anniversary Voltron figure looked cool. There are only 500 available. It features light-up LED eyes, has die-cast parts, stands 11″ on its own and 13″ on its base. The downside, besides the $300 price tag? The “gold” in the special Gold Edition is limited to the security seals on the box. That said, it’s still a very cool looking figure. Available at the Toynami Inc booth (556)


HeroClix Captain America Sentinel ($25 – Cash only) – This Marvel HeroClix Sentinel is painted to look like Captain America. The New Mutants fought it when they were sent to the future timeline of Days of Future Past. Available at the Neca/WizKids booth (536). Note: The WizKids booth is cash only!


HeroClix Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends Team Base ($25 – Cash only) – Yes! It’s been some time since I last played HeroClix, but this set could get me back into the game. The base includes Spider-Man, Firestar and Ice Man, who can be played as a single unit on the base or taken off the base to play separately. The set also includes a map of Liberty Island, so that you can play with the figures right out of the box. But most importantly, they include Aunt May’s dog, Ms. Lion, on the base! As a Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends fan, this is something I definitely want on my desk. Now if we could only get Hallmark to make a Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends exclusive ornament next year! Available at the Neca/WizKids booth (536). Note: The WizKids booth is cash only!


HeroClix: War of Light Black and White Batteries Pack ($25 – Cash Only) – WizKids hasn’t forgotten their DC fans. This War of Light pack includes both the Black Lantern and White Lantern central power batteries, and a bunch of White Lantern and Black Lantern constructs. Definitely worth the $25. For all of their exclusives, WizKids will have a limited supply on hand each day, so if want any of their merch, be sure to hit their booth up early. Available at the Neca/WizKids booth (536). Note: The WizKids booth is cash only!


NYCC Mad Libs – I love Mad Libs. Who doesn’t? This is a special NYCC exclusive Mad Libs, with stories based on comic book conventions. Available at both the Penguin booth (2108) and Mad Libs booth (965)

Disco Nightwing and Flash “Fastest Man Alive” Mini-Prints – Stop by Christopher Jones’s table in Artist Alley, show him that you follow him on Twitter (@ChrisJonesArt), and you’ll be able to grab one of these two prints for FREE! If you’re having a hard time finding his table, just look for all the Young Justice cosplayers. And when you get your free print, tell him that Tuesday Night Movies sent you!

christopher jones flash print

What piece of NYCC 2014 exclusive merch are you post excited for?!