Jurassic World – Review


Jurassic World managed to pull off a rare feat in remake and reboot heavy Hollywood, and that is to feel 100% fresh. Too many remakes and reboots seem like mere revisions and retreads. Not Jurassic World. It captures all the magic of Jurassic Park without feeling like it was just walking through the paces of the original. I found myself as wowed by the special effect dinosaurs here as I did as a teenager watching Jurassic Park, and found myself caring for the characters just as much, if not more, than I did with the original.

Jurassic World was obviously inspired most by Jurassic Park, but there are definitely tones of Blackfish in there as well. The entire scene with the water dinosaur jumping out of the pool to attack the assistant had me thinking that director Colin Trevorrow had recently watched Blackfish. Or maybe it’s because I recently watched Blackfish. Either way, as I was watching that scene, all I think of was, “This is shades of Blackfish.” Side note: If you haven’t already, watch Blackfish.

I think it’s great that Jurassic World is building on the story first told in Jurassic Park. The original movie isn’t swept under the rug, but at the same time, you don’t need to have seen the original to enjoy this movie. There are subtle nods to the original movie interspersed throughout the film, but for the most part, they’re little Easter Eggs for fans of the original. None of the plot hinges on you having already watched Jurassic Park. There seemed to be no mention of The Lost World or Jurassic Park III. I’m not complaining.

jurassic world howard heels

If I have any quibble with the movie, it’s that for a large portion of the film, Bryce Dallas Howard’s character, Claire, is running from dinosaurs in a pair of heels. Why does she take forever to get rid of these shoes? She’s running in the jungle…in heels! And this is a muddy jungle! The last time I went trail running, it was a bit muddy and I thought I might break an ankle…and I was in running sneakers! Come on, it’s 2015! Do women still need to wear heels as they run in action movies? Any time they showed her heels as she was running, it took me completely out of the movie. Heck, Chris Pratt’s character, Owen, could have gotten her a pair of work boots from one of the many garages and supply closets they found themselves in throughout the movie. He seems like a practical guy. There’s no way he would have let her run in those heels. If boots were good enough for Laura Dern in the original, they’re good enough for Bryce Dallas Howard here.

jurassic park laura dern

Speaking of Chris Pratt, he’s as charming in this movie as he was in Guardians of the Galaxy. I’m still amazed that Bright from Everwood and Andy from Parks and Rec is a full fledged action star, but man, he brings it. For those of you who are fans of Chris Pratt’s body, I regret to have to inform you that he does not take his shirt off even once throughout the entire movie. Magic Mike XXL is playing down the hall.

jurassic world chris pratt

If Jurassic World is still playing in a movie theater by you, I am giving it the strongest recommendation to see it in the theater. Like Interstellar, this is a movie that will be more enjoyable on the big screen, and the bigger the screen, the better. I also saw a 3D showing of it. It is 100% worth seeing in 3D. However, even if you’re able to find Jurassic World on the big screen these days, I doubt you’ll still find it in 3D. But if you do, buy that ticket.

For those of you keeping track at home, in the war of Best Summer Movie 2015, I have Jurassic World with the upset over Ant-Man as my favorite movie of this summer. Those of you who have read my reviews for some time now and know how much I love both Paul Rudd and superheroes may be surprised to read that. Or maybe not. In either case, Jurassic World rocks. Go see it.