Brooklyn Defender 2015 Launch Party

Like the Silver Surfer heralding the approach of Galactus, the Brooklyn Defender Launch Party heralds the return of New York Comic Con to New York City. Arriving a month before New York Comic Con, the Brooklyn Defender Launch Party is a celebration at Brooklyn Brewery in Williamsburg. For the past four years, NYCC and Brooklyn Brewery have teamed up to create the Brooklyn Defender, a limited edition beer whose recipe changes every year. They also enlist a comic book artist to create logo for the beer. In 2013, it was Tony Millionaire. In 2014, it was Cliff Chiang. In 2015, it was Amy Reeder. And this year, it’s Khary Randolph. Khary did an absolutely awesome job on this design, evoking the Super Powers action figure card backs of the 1980s.

nycc-beer-defender 2015

I’ve gone to the Brooklyn Defender Launch Party every year, and the only bad one was the first one, when a Batman had too much to drink and puked near me and my friends. Bat-splatter is gross! But the past years there have been awesome, and I expect this year to be too. Attendees get a pint glass with the Brooklyn Defender logo, and everyone gets a chance to win NYCC tickets in a raffle. Plus, free cake from Rock Candy Cakes!

A change to this year’s event is that the event listing says that every attendee will get a ticket for one free beer. In the three previous years, it was free beer all night. It would be disappointing if they are going to restrict the free drink to only one. I’m hoping that’s a typo. Don’t be cheapskates, Brooklyn Brewery! The Brooklyn Defender wants you to provide free beer to the people!

If you’d like to attend the party, it’s 100% FREE to sign up. You just have to RSVP, which I recommend doing quickly, as an event that has free beer, free swag and a chance to win NYCC passes tends to sell out quickly. RSVP here: