Batman: Assault on Arkham – Review

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I’ve touted the team of screenwriter Heath Corson and director Jay Oliva before in my review of Justice League: War, and they live up to that high praise with the newly released Batman: Assault on Arkham.  This movie, the latest in DC’s direct-to-video releases, takes place in the same continuity as the Batman: Arkham line of video games. The characters are modeled after the designs in those games, and like in the games, Batman is voiced by perennial Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy. Sadly, Mark Hamill does not voice The Joker.


What might be the best thing about Batman: Assault on Arkham is that this is almost a Suicide Squad movie in disguise. I say almost, because there is still plenty of the title character in Batman: Assault on Arkham. But the Squad is given as much screen time, if not more, than the Dark Knight. Batman: Assault on Arkham is the Suicide Squad movie we’ve always wanted.

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Corson captured the voices of the individual squad members perfectly. Captain Boomerang and Deadshot barely get along. Harley is psychotic, flirtatious and hilarious all at the same time. And I love that the Amanda Waller we’re presented with is the pre-New 52 Amanda Waller. This Amanda Waller won’t be confused with Vixen anytime soon (unlike her New 52 counterpart). She’s large and she’s in charge.

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Because it’s set outside the regular continuity of DC’s animated movies, Corson and Oliva are given free reign to really play around with the characters. Also, the Suicide Squad definitely lives up to its name, as not all of its members live long enough to appear in a potential sequel. Sure, you know that Batman, Deadshot, Harley and The Joker can’t die, simply based on when this happens in Arkham continuity, but everyone else in fair game.

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Like many other DC Animated movies, the extras are just as good as the movie itself. We get a nice piece on Harley’s history, a preview for Throne of Atlantis that was so good that it has me ready to pronounce that as the next BEST DC animated movie, and some episodes from previous Batman cartoon series.  

harley quinn assault on arkham

Batman: Assault on Arkham is not a movie I would recommend picking up for the tiny Batfan in your life. It is definitely not small child appropriate. The video games are all rated Teen, and I would consider that an appropriate rating for this movie as well. If you’re not comfortable with your child witnessing the violence and sexual humor in the games, you probably wouldn’t be with this film either. Stick to Batman: The Brave and the Bold for the Bat-tykes.

For the teen to adult fan though, Batman: Assault on Arkham should not be missed!

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