At The Theater 2011 #14: The Muppets

I wanted to see a movie with my cousins who were in town for Thanksgiving. We range in age from 21-36, so the only movies that were off the table were ones that one of us had already seen and ones we had no interest in seeing.

The Muppets was a universal pick, even inspiring a lively discussion at the Thanksgiving dinner table about how good the soundtrack is.

One of the songs in The Muppets is written by Flight of the Concords. If you’ve ever heard a Flight of the Concords song before, you’ll have no problem recognizing it as their song moments into it. I’m not complaining. It’s a great song, and so are they.

The Muppets has two major things going for it with its lead actors. I’ve liked Jason Segal since Freaks and Geeks. He and Neil Patrick Harris are the two best parts of How I Met Your Mother. I was happy to see that he was both starring in The Muppets and that he wrote the screenplay. Forgetting Sarah Marshall, also written by and starring Segal, is one of the funniest movies of the past decade. And Amy Adams is as adorable in this as she is in Enchanted. I need a movie where Amy Adams and Zooey Deschanel out-adorable each other for an hour and forty.

The reigning king and queen of adorable?

But the best part of The Muppets? That’s easy. It’s the cameo appearance by Dave Grohl. There are some really cool celebrity cameos in The Muppets, but Dave Grohl’s is definitely the most awesome, partly because Dave Grohl is so awesome and partly because he’s playing an Animal stand-in in a grisly, low-rent Muppets tribute group.


My only complaint about The Muppets is that by the middle of the movie, I felt like I was being given a guilt trip by a Jewish mother mixed with the Catholic Church for the Muppets falling out of popularity. They hit that particular guilt button a lot throughout the movie.

But that’s a small complaint. I loved The Muppets and strongly recommend seeing it.