At The Theater 2011 #13: Tower Heist

I liked Tower Heist much more than I expected to. I thought it would be okay, but after seeing it, I found myself recommending it to different friends. And each time, their reaction was along the lines of “Really? Are you sure?” To be fair, I would have had the same reaction before I saw it.

The marketing for Tower Heist didn’t do it any favors. Neither the trailer or poster left me really wanting to see it. But it was getting good reviews, I had just run the NYC Marathon the day before and wanted to laugh for a couple of hours without having to walk around. That and I tend to like movies with Ben Stiller.

Tower Heist made me laugh a lot. Eddie Murphy is back to being funny Eddie Murphy, who I think last made an appearance in the highly underrated Bowfinger. Gabourey Sidibe showed off her funny side playing a sassy Jamaican maid. I’m glad I got to see her in this, because I still have no intention of seeing her in Precious.

Rent it.

And if you’re really into the Ocean’s 11 set of heist movies, you’ve got Casey Affleck here to make you feel right at home.

Major spoilers about the ending follow after this photo of the highly addictive iPhone game Tiny Tower, which I admit has nothing to do with Tower Heist, but if you haven’t seen the movie yet and want to go in fresh, read no further!

Someone should make a Tower Heist mod to Tiny Tower.

The only problem I had with Tower Heist was at the very end. How did they get that damn car out of the pool and out the building?! This is the scene I wanted and needed to see! Even if it’s just a quick montage through the process, I needed to see this. Maybe Ocean’s 11 spoiled me, but my favorite part of heist movies is seeing how it all comes to together for the thieves and how they pull it off in the end.

I also wish that one of the crew members opening up their mysterious package with a solid gold car part in it looked confused instead of excited. Think about it. There’s no note, just a box with a gold transmission in it. Would they even know it’s gold? “What the hell is this?” I just think that would have been funny.