Which NYCC Single Day Ticket Should You Buy?

The 3 and 4-Day passes have come and gone, but as of today at noon, you can now buy single day tickets to New York Comic Con at the NYCC website.

But which day to go? Each day has their advantages and disadvantages.

Thursday is the least expensive, the least crowded and you’ll have first shot at the hot NYCC exclusives. But many pros skip Thursday. It would stink to show up at your favorite artist’s table in Artist’s Alley only for him to not even be in NYC yet. Also, Thursday is a shorter day. This is the first year that Thursday single day tickets are available.

Friday is more expensive and and more crowded than Thursday, but nowhere near as crowded as either of the two weekend days. You’ll do well to get to the show before offices let out for the day and the crowd descends on the Javitz.

Saturday is the monster of all days. You’ll be paying more to be packed in like sardines. Seriously, if you’re agoraphobic, stay away from NYCC Saturday. But if you’re willing to pay the price (both in money and personal space), the rewards are high. The highest profile creators are usually around on Saturday. The most important panels are this day. This is the day that separates the Fanmen and Fanwomen from the Fanboys and Fangirls.

Sunday¬†will be crowded, but not nearly as crowded as Saturday. Expect to see many hungover creators arriving late to their table. Bargains can be had in the dealer room, especially late in the day. If you’re a DC fan, Sunday’s DC panel should be considered can’t-miss.

I’m betting Saturday tickets go very fast, with Sunday close behind. I would buy those tickets today if you can. I wouldn’t be surprised if Thursday tickets go quickly, especially among the toy collecting, variant cover needing crowd. Friday is probably your best bet for holding out if you’re short on cash right now.

If you’re kicking yourself for missing 3 and 4-Day passes, there will be limited amounts at comic book retailers later this summer. Those were originally supposed to go on sale in June, but no date has been given as of yet. As far as I know, Midtown Comics will be the only NYC based comic book store selling NYCC passes.

What day or days are you going to NYCC this year?

UPDATE! Midtown Comics announced on their Facebook page that they will be selling single day, 3-Day and 4-Day passes at their three NYC stores beginning in late June or early July.