Tuesday Night Comics Podcast Episode 28 – Live From the Tuesday Night Movies Beach House!

Welcome to the Tuesday Night Movies Beach House! Billy and Dave are joined by Nick, making his triumphant return to the Tuesday Night Comics podcast. The guys are recording live in front of an audience from the Tuesday Night Movies Beach House in OBX. It’s like MTV’s Beach House, but way (wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy) nerdier.

 The guys preview new comics coming out Wednesday, July 16, 2014, and talk about what they’re all reading now, how Marvel and Image today are like DC in the 90s (and how DC of today is like Marvel and Image in the 90s), Mike Allred, Saga, Fables, and…Bob Kane’s tombstone. And, as promised on the podcast, here is an image of Bob Kane’s actual tombstone, and what might be the saddest Superman cover of all time.
bob kane tombstone