The Other Guys – Review

5/5 – This peacock flies.

I distinctly remember not wanting to see The Other Guys when it was first released. I can’t remember why, but I can remember not wanting to see it.

I ended up catching it on HBO recently through no fault of my own. I was vacationing in Cancun. There was a torrential rainstorm outside. Some other movie had just ended on Mexican HBO and The Other Guys came on. I wasn’t even paying attention as it started. But by ten minutes into the movie, I was hooked. I wouldn’t let the channel be changed and once I returned home to the US, I rented the movie from Netflix just to watch it all the way through from the beginning.

Been there.

Without a doubt, The Other Guys is the funniest movie I’ve seen in a while. It is so over the top and so ridiculous, but the movie just goes with it. Even when it questions its own ridiculousness, it answers back with an even more ridiculous answer. Why does Mark Wahlberg’s rageaholic Detective Hoitz know how to dance like a ballerina? Simple, it’s because he took classes so that he could “make fun of guys when we were kids to show them how queer they were.”

Will Ferrell is hilarious as the buttoned up Detective Allen Gamble. This role is up there with my favorite Will Ferrell roles of all time. When we got Gamble, er I mean Gator’s, origin story, I was dying.

Careful, Hoitz. Gator don’t take no shit.

If you get your hands on the DVD, make sure to watch the gag reel and improv outtakes. I can’t believe I’m recommending a gag reel, as it’s usually a collection of boring “watch this actor break and then everyone on set laughs” clips one after the other, but the gag reel for The Other Guys is really funny, as is seeing what improvised lines didn’t make the final cut of the movie. Rob Huebel really shines here.

Samuel L. Jackson and Duane “The Rock” Johnson steal the movie as action-hero cops in the beginning of the film. I still laugh to myself whenever I think of the line, “Aim for the bushes.”

With all the serious movies that he’s done, I forgot how funny Michael Keaton can be. He’s awesome as the precinct’s captain that can’t stop quoting TLC songs.

The combination of a very funny script and a cast who go the distance with their improvised lines make The Other Guys a must-see movie. Definitely watch it. Twice.