The Lego Movie – Review

lego movie poster

Everything is Awesome, the Tegan and Sara song that plays throughout much of The Lego Movie, could be used to describe The Lego Movie itself, because everything about this movie is awesome.

When I first saw the posters advertising The Lego Movie, I figured it would be nothing of note, just a 90 minute advertisement for the toy line. But then I saw my first trailer, and I was hooked. The movie looked good. Then I heard that Christopher Miller and Phil Lord, two of the creators of MTV’s very underrated and short lived animated series Clone High, wrote and directed The Lego Movie, and I was all in. I knew I had to see this movie. I am a huge fan of Clone High, and implore you to get your hands on the series.

clone high

If you haven’t seen The Lego Movie yet and would like to avoid spoilers, don’t read past this photo!

lego movie unikitty

Unikitty is my new favorite Lego.

The voice cast in The Lego Movie is stellar. Will Ferrell is tremendous as Lord Business/President Business/The Man Upstairs.  And Will Arnett’s Batman simply rocked. Will Arnett might be my favorite Batman actor not named Kevin Conroy. Also, Charlie Day steals the movie as Benny, the 1980s astronaut. That minifig was my favorite as a kid, and I loved that Benny’s helmet chinstrap was broken, just as mine and I’m guessing most others who owned that minifig’ helmet was.

benny lego movie


The Lego Movie did such a good job incorporating the fact that these Lego people are toys in real life. I loved President Business’s collection of artifacts that were simply mispronounced household items. And I think the decision to have the movie shift from animation to live action for the scenes involving the father and son was such a good idea.

lego movie live action

I loved that the different Lego licences were incorporated into the movie. The Michelangelo Renaissance/Michelangelo Ninja Turtles joke was hilarious. I still can’t believe they incorporated the 2002 NBA All-Star team Lego minifigs! And my eyes bugged out of my skull when the Millenium Falcon showed up with Han, Chewie, Threepio and Lando. And with the original actors doing voices! Well, except for Han Solo. I was completely convinced that was Harrison Ford’s voice coming out of Han Solo’s mouth, but according to IMDB, it was actually Keith Ferguson. The dude does an awesome Harrison Ford.

Like The Grand Budapest Hotel, I’m looking forward to watching The Lego Movie a second time around. I caught The Lego Movie in 3D and highly recommend seeing it in 3D if you see it in the movie theater. The 3D wasn’t jarring and definitely added to the movie.

lego movie batman

If you’re on the fence about seeing The Lego Movie, I definitely recommend seeing it. Writing it off as a kids movie would be as big a mistake as writing off Toy Story as a kids movie. Everything is awesome.