The Grand Budapest Hotel – Review

the grand budapest hotel poster

If you were in New York City and were wondering where all the white people were during the weekend of March 8, they were at the movies catching the latest Wes Anderson film, The Grand Budapest Hotel. Teens and 20s were at the Regal in Union Square, 30s to geriatric could be found at the AMC Lincoln Center.

Will you like The Grand Budapest Hotel? That question can be answered very easily by your answer to the following question: Do you like other Wes Anderson movies? If your answer is yes, then yes, you will enjoy it. If your answer is no, then I’m guessing you probably won’t enjoy it. If your answer is “Of course!,” then you’ve probably already watched The Grand Budapest Hotel and loved it. I loved it.

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The reason I’m using previous Wes Anderson films to gauge how much you’ll like this Wes Anderson film is because in many respects, Wes Anderson movies are similar to each other. That’s not to say they are retreads of past endeavors, but that his movies share a style and tone that acts as Wes Anderson’s signature. When you’re watching a Wes Anderson movie, you know you’re watching a Wes Anderson movie. I’d say that Wes Anderson has a more distinctive style than any other current director out there, with maybe the exception of Quentin Tarantino. Maybe.

grand budapest hotel ralph fiennes

Ralph Fiennes is perfect in this movie. You know what, just hand him the Oscar. Seriously. I get that we have about 11 months to go before the Oscars are handed out again, but just give it to Ralph Fiennes now. He is the epitome of charm in The Grand Budapest Hotel. 

I like that Anderson used a lot of his regulars for small parts during the scene that required the network of concierges across many hotels to contact each other. Any excuse to have Owen Wilson in a movie is okay in my book. It was funny seeing the commercial for The Grand Budapest Hotel after seeing the movie, because actors who are in the movie for roles that are “blink and you might miss them,” are given billing in the commercial as if they have main or supporting roles. Yes, the commercial is correct, pretty much everyone you love from previous Wes Anderson movies makes an appearance here, just don’t expect all of them to be onscreen for long. Maybe you shouldn’t order that large soda if you’re worried about missing their scenes.

grand budapest hotel owen wilson

I really have nothing bad to say about The Grand Budapest Hotel. It is currently my favorite film of 2014 (sorry Robot Cop). The Grand Budapest Hotel will be starting a run at Brooklyn Heights Cinema soon. I implore you to see it there, as that movie theater needs to raise money for a digital projector or face closing. Plus, Brooklyn Heights Cinema has the best popcorn in New York City!