The Best NYCC 2015 Exclusives

Every year, there is A LOT of exclusive merchandise available at NYCC. We’re here to highlight the cream of the crop, because not all exclusives are created equal. Note: This post will be updated continuously as New York Comic Con 2015 gets closer and more exclusive merch is announced. Be sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly.

Boba Fett and Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Itty Bitties – Hallmark

I can’t lie; I have a small obsession with all things Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite. While I have yet to have a life size Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite hanging on my apartment wall, I will happily display this Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite, quite possibly the cutest Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite on my desk at work.

han solo itty bitt

U-3PO and R5-D4 Keepsake Ornaments – Hallmark

Both of these droids appeared in the original Star Wars movie. U-3PO can be seen in the background of Princess Leia’s ship at the beginning of the movie and R5-D4 was almost purchased by Uncle Owen from the Jawas before the droid shorted out and he bought R2-D2 instead. This Christmas, both will be hanging on my tree.


Doctor Who Weeping Angel Statue of Liberty Christmas Ornament – Newbury Comics – Booth 2945

A cool exclusive Christmas ornament and it’s not at the Hallmark booth?! New England based comics retailer Newbury Comics has this exclusive ornament that features the Weeping Angel Statue of Liberty from the classic Doctor Who episode, Angels Take Manhattan.


Death Star Surface Modules Set #1 – eFX – Booth 1344 – $150

eFX is known for their screen accurate prop replicas. This year, they are offering a a very cool set of replicas of the Death Star tiles used in filming the original Star Wars movie. These modules were used to shoot the surface of the Death Star. ILM created different tiles for showing different altitudes. These particular tile replicas are the “high altitude: square tiles in medium altitude configuration.” They’re presented a very nice wall plaque. If you can’t make it to New York Comic Con, or just don’t want to deal with the crowd at the eFX booth, eFX has made a limited supply of these available for sale on their website.

efx death star tile set

Mega Man X-Kai Action Figure – TruForce Collectibles – $89.99 – Limited to 1/person/day

If you’re a Megan Man fan, you need to check out this figure. It features over 30 points of articulation, an LED X-Buster and translucent purple effects pieces.

truforce megamanx


Deadpool’s Chimichanga Truck Pop Vinyl – Funko – Booth 722

There are have been Funko exclusives at NYCC for years now with their exclusives being sold through partners, but this is the first year that Funko is setting up their own booth at New York Comic Con. And they are BRINGING IT. Funko has A LOT of exclusives available at NYCC this year, from all of their lines. This Deadpool and Chimichanga truck is one of my favorites. It’s limited to 3000 pieces.

deadpool truck pop vinyl

Terminator 2: Judgment Day T1000 Frozen Patrolman Action Figure – Funko – Booth 722

Do you love Terminator 2: Judgment Day? Of course you do. It’s one of the greatest action movies of all time. And this figure recreates one of the coolest scenes in the movie, when the villainous T1000 is frozen solid. I love the design of this ReAction figure. It is perfect in its retro-Kenner aesthetic. It’s limited to 1500 pieces. Expect a quick sellout.

frozen t1000

Clear Glitter Boba Fett Hikari – Funko – Booth 722

Funko’s Hikari figures are hit or miss for me, and mostly miss. To me, they just don’t look cool enough to justify the high price tag. But I am loving this clear glitter Boba Fett variant. It’s limited to 750, so if you want one, act quickly at NYCC. The high price tag might scare some people off, but this Hikari looks too dope to still be available on Sunday afternoon.

 hikari boba fett clear glitter

Iron Throne 6″ Super Sized Pop Vinyl – Funko – Booth 722

Could this be Funko’s most popular Pop Vinyl of NYCC 2015? Could this be the most popular exclusive at NYCC 2015? I see this being on the must-buy list for many, many people. I don’t think I have ever liked a Pop Vinyl as much as I like this interpretation of the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones.

ironthrone popvinyl

Shaun of the Dead Vinyl Idolz Figure – Funko – Booth 722


shaunofthedead vinylidolz

TMNT Black and White Ninja Turtles Dorbz Set – Funko – Booth 722

So cute!! Has any set of Dorbz figures ever been as adorable as this four figure set? You get all four turtles in their classic black and white glory. And I absolutely LOVE the red spot coloring on their eye masks. Ahhh! These are just too cute


tmnt dorbz


Game of Thrones Joffrey Baratheon 5″ Crown – Dark Horse – Booth 1636 – $60

When Dave from the Tuesday Night Comics podcast heard of this exclusive, he noted “$60 is well worth an excuse to bring out your inner spoiled entitled monarch.” You might want to avoid drinking wine while you wear this though. Limited to 400 total, limit of 2 crowns per purchase per day. $60 works out to how many gold dragons?


joffrey crown

M.O.T.U.S.C.L.E Figure Packs – Super7 – $6

Like Hallmark’s exclusive ornaments, these were also available at SDCC in July. There are four packs of these figures, combining two of my favorite toys from the 1980s: Masters of the Universe and M.U.S.C.L.E! Each comes with three heroes or three villains and there are four different packs. I’ll be buying all four. They had me at Ram Man.


Harley Quinn Batman: The Animated Series Black and White Bust – Diamond Select – Booth 1644 – $60

Limited to 1,700 pieces. This is a fantastic looking bust of Harley Quinn, in all her Bruce Timm designed glory!