Sex Criminals 11 Cover Reveals

I entered the Sex Criminals #11 cover lottery today, hoping to snag a signed and sketched cover. Unfortunately, I came up short and received the regular cover. I also bought the XXX Bryan Lee O’Malley variant that I mentioned on the latest Tuesday Night Comics Podcast. It is very NSFW and…in your face.

Here are the back covers:

Sex Criminals 11 Back Covers

I like that both back covers are different from each other. The regular cover is on the left and the Bryan Lee O’Malley variant is on the right.

And here are the front covers:

Sex Criminals 11 Front Covers

I really like how the Bryan Lee O’Malley variant is done to look like the box art of a classic NES game. It’s well designed, and has a lot of humor in it, but maybe don’t whip this cover out on the bus and start reading. But if you do, please tweet us a picture of yourself doing so to @TuesNightMovies.