SDCC 2013 – The Best Comic-Con Exclusives

When it comes to exclusive merch, Comic-Con in San Diego is second to none. Comic and toy companies go above and beyond at San Diego in ways they don’t for other shows. If you’re at Comic-Con right now, there’s a decent chance you’re reading this while standing on line for one of the items listed below.

G.I Joe Skystriker Vehicle with Jetfire Deco and V.A.M.P. with Autobot Hound Deco and 3.75 inch Snake Eyes, Baroness and Bludgeon Special Edition Pack – Hasbro – $99.99

This is the third G.I. Joe/Transformers mash-up that Hasbro has sold at San Diego, and man, they really went all out this year. Two vehicles. Three figures. One of which is Snake Eyes. And another that is Bludgeon! I applaud Hasbro for going super-hardcore and releasing a Bludgeon figure. Unless you were reading the tail end of the Transformers series put out by Marvel in the 1980s, he’s probably not someone you’d recognize. His figure is definitely not aimed at the casual fan. And who couldn’t use a Snake Eyes with Autobot deco on him? On top of all this, you also get a G.I.Joe scaled Blaster boombox for Snake Eyes to rock out to! If you’re not at Comic-Con, you’ll have a very tiny window to buy this and Hasbro’s other exclusives on Hasbro’s website after the show.

Star Wars The Black Series 6-Inch Boba Fett Action Figure with Han Solo in Carbonite Accessory – Hasbro – $44.99

This year, Hasbro is launching a new line of Star Wars action figures, The Black Series. These figures will measure 6 inches and be more detailed than the standard Star Wars action figure line. To kick the series off, they’re selling a Boba Fett and Han Solo in Carbonite two-pack at Comic-Con. I’m kind of obsessed with Han Solo frozen in Carbonite. I may need this.

Marvel Universe 3.75 inch Deadpool Corps Special Edition Figure Set – Hasbro – $49.99

Tuesday Night Movies has a certain affinity to merchandise dedicated to the Merc with a Mouth. This set includes Deadpool, Lady Deadpool, Champion dressed as Deadpool, Kidpool, Squirrelpool and Dogpool, all packaged in tacos shells in a food truck box. Hasbro, you win this year.

Marvel Minimates Deadpools Assemble Pack – Action Figure Express – $22.00

Cable-Pool! Captain Ameri-Pool! Thor-Pool! Iron Deadpool! Best Minimates set ever?

Game of Thrones: 7″ Stark Shield Wall Plaque – Dark Horse – $30.00

The Lanisters send their regards.

Hellboy Qee Comic-Con T-Shirt Vinyl Figure – Dark Horse – $20.00

This figure is super cute, and you can buy a matching t-shirt for yourself at the SDCC show store.

Aardman Superman Action Figure – DC – $24.95

You’ve been hitting that cookie box a little too much lately, Superman.

Batman ’66 #1 Variant Cover Comic – DC – $10.00

I wasn’t planning on featuring any variant covered comics here, mainly because they’re usually overpriced and lame, but this one was too cool not to show.

Batman Classic TV Series Batusi Batman – Mattel – $30.00

The 1960s Batman TV show is all over Comic-Con this year. Mattel wins the award for best tie-in with this toy that captures one of the most classic scenes from the series, Batman dancing.

The Big Bang Theory Sheldon with Vintage Batman T-Shirt 8-Inch Action Figure – Entertainment Earth – $25.00

Seriously, the ’60s Batman show is everywhere at Comic-Con 2013. Even Dr. Cooper is getting in on the act.

Masters of the Universe Classic Rokkon and Stonedar 2-Pack – Mattel – $60.00

I had the original Rokkon when I was a kid and he was one of my favorite action figures. They’re men who turn into meteors! How cool is that! I would snatch up this new set in a heartbeat!

Star Wars Wrath of the Rancor Christmas Ornament – Hallmark – $?

I’m very happy to report that Hallmark will be selling this ornament at NYCC this year too. I’m not sure on the price, but I’m guessing it’d be in the $30-$40 range.

Doctor Who River Song’s Deluxe Journal – Entertainment Earth – $60.00

Entertainment Earth has been selling a cardboard covered version of River Song’s journal for a while now. But this faux-leather, embossed version is where it’s at. I defy you to find a cooler looking diary.

Spider-Ham Mini-Bust – Gentle Giant – $45

Peter Porker finally gets his due. Limited to only 500. I expect these to sell out fast.

And now for some of the SDCC exclusives that have me scratching my head…

Man of Steel Variant Statue – DC – $129.95

I’m not really sure who this is aimed at. Goth Superman fans?

“Magnitude” Admiral Ackbar Mini-Bust – Gentle Giant – $175

Admiral Ackbar. With a mustache. WTF. But at the same time, I kind of love it.