Pitch Perfect – Review

2/5 – Off pitch.

On the same vacation that I watched Shag, I also saw Pitch Perfect for the first time. I was really looking forward to Pitch Perfect. Everyone I knew who had seen it loved it. It stars Anna Kendrick, aka America’s sweetheart Anna Kendrick. How could I go wrong?

Well, wrong I went.

Pitch Perfect just didn’t click with me. I don’t know if it had been talked up too much, but I didn’t enjoy the movie. There were definitely high spots in the movie, but for the most part the movie just didn’t work for me.

I found Anna Kendrick’s character, Beca, to be a sullen, spoiled brat. She was the focal point of the movie, but I just couldn’t get behind her. Some of her lines were just laughable. “You know David Guetta is?”  Beca, my dad’s cousins know who David Guetta is; come on!

pitch perfect

In case you didn’t get that Beca would rather be a DJ than be in school, she walks around campus all day wearing big ass headphones.
Would you like a hammer to drive in that nail?

Jesse, her co-intern, and soon to be love interest was annoying as all get out. When the two of them got together, I think I actually said “Ugh.”
Jesse, you just won our Most Annoying Character of the Year award! How do you feel?

Jesse, you just won our Most Annoying Character of the Year award! How do you feel?

The best thing to come out of Pitch Perfect was having Titanium stuck in my head for the rest of the week. That, and that insanely catchy Cups song and super-cute video. I definitely enjoy Cups the video more than Pitch Perfect the movie.

Pitch Perfect does have its high points. Pretty much any scene involving Lily made me laugh very loudly.

Lily is the best..

Lily is the best..

It’s funny, I went into Shag ready to roll my eyes and went into Pitch Perfect ready to love it. But out of the two of them, I think I’d rather watch Shag again. But maybe I just need to give Pitch Perfect a second chance. It wouldn’t be the first movie I disliked the first time I saw and then loved after more viewings.

All that said, Anna Kendrick is still America’s sweetheart.