On The Couch #51: The Proposal

After gorging myself silly on Christmas deserts on the 25th, I returned home, plopped down on the couch and realized I had just enough energy to pick a movie on Netflix Instant Streaming. I wanted to watch something light-hearted because it was Christmas. After browsing Netflix’s choices for far too long, I think I was at the 25 minute mark before I picked¬† something, I settled on Amy Adams in Sunshine Cleaning.
An Amy Adams comedy is the textbook definition of something light-hearted, right? Two minutes into Sunshine Cleaning a guy shoots himself in the face with a gun. There goes my Amy Adams theory. Back to the drawing board, er I mean back to the instant streaming queue.
I almost saw The Proposal during the great Red Box experiment of August in Cape Cod. I think I saw When in Rome instead. I should have rented The Proposal. It’s much better than When in Rome.
I gave The Proposal an “I liked it” rating on Netflix. The ending cost me rating it “I really liked it.”¬† I thought the ending was completely ridiculous. The whole movie set up that Ryan Reynolds should have ended up with his non-psycho ex-girlfriend, Vince Vaughn’s wife from Couples Retreat, not his completely psycho boss. But once Sandra Bullock skips town, Ryan Reynolds and Betty White announce that Ryan Reynolds now loves Sandra Bullock, so it must be true, the previous hour and a half of The Proposal be damned! The one redeeming quality of the ending is that it provided the opportunity for the INS interviews that take place during the credits, which were some of the funniest parts of The Proposal.
The Office’s Oscar Nunez has the best scenes in The Proposal. He seems to be the only person employed in this small Alaskan town, pulling quadruple duty as a caterer, male stripper, general store proprietor and ordained minister. His unshaven stripper dance will haunt you.
It was weird watching a movie where Sandra Bullock isn’t playing the cute girl next door type. Seeing her play someone as cold as her character in The Proposal was really jarring, but she did a great job with it.
I was surprised by how much I enjoyed The Proposal. It’s not perfect, but it’s good. I recommend watching it the next time you’re stuck on the couch in a food coma.