On The Couch #32: It’s Complicated

I didn’t really want to see It’s Complicated at first, but when dad’s other suggestions are Death at a Funeral (No!) and $5 a Day (Huh?), it seemed like a good pick.

I give It’s Complicated an A, for awkwardness. Watching It’s Complicated with my parents was at times more awkward than going to see The Hangover with them. If you know one thing about It’s Complicated, it’s probably that the movie is about people in their upper-middle-ages having sex. People around my parents’ age. Shudder.

Why do people in movies always have so much clothing on post-coitus?

When John Krasinski first appeared in It’s Complicated, I thought they were wasting his comedic talents, since he seemed like little more than a background character. But John Krasinski ended up having the funniest scenes in It’s Complicated. His reaction to finding out about Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin’s affair and his efforts to keep this secret from their children are hilarious. Definitely not wasted casting and I’m very glad they cast him for this part.

Don’t rent Denise Richards: It’s Complicated by mistake. Trust me.

I liked It’s Complicated more than I thought I would. If you’re stuck at a Red Box trying to decide between this and Green Zone, go with It’s Complicated. Especially if your parents are with you.