On The Couch #24: Blood Diamond

It’s movies like Blood Diamond that remind me how grateful I am that I live in America. My neighborhood isn’t a war zone. There are no armed rebels driving down my street. The closest thing I saw to a conflict this weekend was this note taped to someone’s car as I was walking to brunch:

While Blood Diamond makes me glad to live in America, it really drives home the point that America and other western countries are a major driving force in the bloodshed that stems from the mining and exporting of diamonds with our obsession for big shiny rocks to put on little dainty fingers. The filmmakers never get too heavy handed about it, which I think helps get the message across. Watching the movie, I was too caught up in it as a thriller to feel I was being preached to.

After watching this movies, I’m surprised that there isn’t a backlash against diamonds like there is with fur. No one is dipping women’s hands in red paint and yelling “Diamonds are murder!”

When I told my cousin that The Departed was the movie that made me like Leonardo DiCaprio, he said that Blood Diamond was the movie that did that for him. When I said I never saw Blood Diamond, he insisted that I see it. Since his last pick was the great The Lives of Others, I quickly added Blood Diamond to my queue.

I’m glad I did. It really is a great thriller. The movie is 2 ½ hours long, but it’s a fast 2 ½ hours. And DiCaprio is awesome. I’m really excited for Inception to open up in a couple of weeks.

I wonder how many people after seeing this movie go out of their way to buy a certified diamond. I’d like to think it made that kind of impact on me, but I haven’t purchased any diamond since seeing it, so I make for a lousy case study. I would think Blood Diamond makes an impact on everyone who sees it. But I’m interested in knowing how long that impact lasts. After some time has passed, does the conflict seem much further removed than the immediacy of the dollar sign in front of your face? I’m not judging; I’m just curious. As always, feel free to leave comments below.