On The Couch #23: Brothers

WARNING: This post not only spoils plot points in Brothers, it also exposes both your eyes to a little explicit language and your ears to a little explicit language combined with some very off-key singing.

I recently got into Joss Whedon’s short-lived but excellent TV show Firefly. I know, I’m late to the party on this one. My favorite part of the show has to be the theme song. Anytime I watch an episode, I end up with the theme song stuck in my head for days.

It was stuck in my head while watching Brothers and I found myself singing about the movie to the tune of the Firefly theme. I realized the best way to express my thoughts on Brothers here on the blog would be through song and got to work on some more Brothers by way of Firefly song parody lyrics.

Please enjoy.

“I know you fucked her” is my new favorite line to whisper to people.
For those of you who don’t want to keep exposing your ears to my at home karaoke, or really want to sing along with me, here are the song lyrics:
“Brothers by way of Firefly”

Words by Tuesday Night Movies
Music by Joss Whedon

Take my fam, take my life
My brother Tom fucked my wife
That’s what Bella told me
Gyllenhall is too sexy

Take my love, Take my fam
I’m stuck in Afghanistan
It’s okay, thought I was dead
So you fucked her in my bed

Trashed the kitchen ‘n TV
Better call the cops on me
‘Cause Tobey’s gone a bit crazy