On The Couch 2012 #4: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Apr20


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On The Couch 2012 #4: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

If it weren’t for Rifftrax, I probably would have gone my whole life without having seen the incredibly long titled The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1. But after watching the original Twilight movie with its accompanying Rifftrax, I knew I had to see this movie once its Rifftrax was available.

Breaking Dawn should not be watched without its Rifftrax under any circumstances! In fact, subjecting someone to Breaking Dawn without Rifftrax is a violation of most international articles of war and can be classified as extra cruel and unusual torture.

But with Rifftrax, this movie becomes quite possibly the funniest movie you will see this year. I cannot recommend it enough. You will be laughing from beginning to end. The Rifftrax is available at www.rifftrax.com. It’s $4 you not regret spending.


We double featured the Rifftrax of Breaking Dawn with the Rifftrax of Karate Kid Part III. If there are three movies you need to see with their Rifftrax, they are Twilight, Breaking Dawn and Karate Kid Part III.

Like the Twilight films, Karate Kid Part III is a ridiculous movie and is ripe for the Rifftrax treatment. I think the Breaking Dawn Rifftrax was funnier, but that may be because Karate Kid Part III is the better movie, despite having the most absurd villain ever.

There is no movie villain more ludicrous than Terry Silver.

The makers of Rifftrax should be awarded medals of honor. No one should have to watch Breaking Dawn as many times as they did without Rifftrax.