On the Couch 2012 #3: Horrible Bosses

If you like comedies, go see Horrible Bosses. It is a very, very funny movie and if it weren’t for Bridesmaids, I would say it is the funniest movie of 2011.

Horrible Bosses at its core is a concept that most people can relate to, three buddies who each hate their bosses. It’s not something I can relate to, my boss is awesome (especially if he’s reading this blog right now). But even I have had a bad boss or two in my career (but not my current one! Again, he’s awesome!).

I feel like more people would have went to see Horrible Bosses in the theater if the commercials played up how little clothing Jennifer Aniston’s character likes to wear during the film. Don’t sell it as Charlie Day has a boss who really wants to have sex with him; sell it as Jennifer Aniston wants to get freaky with her employee. If you try to sell it as Charlie Day’s boss want to have sex with him, then the potential viewer has to think about Charlie Day potentially having sex, and while I can’t speak for all of America, that’s not¬†something that I really want swimming around my brain. On the other hand, if you start with Jennifer Aniston really wants to get it on with one of her employees, I don’t even care that it’s Charlie Day, where can I buy a ticket.

Show me less Charlie Day and more of his boss.
This is on the right track, but really, Jennifer Aniston is dressed much more conservatively in these two posters than she is in the movie.
This is how her character actually dresses for work.
Put this image on your poster and you just won your opening weekend.
It was cool that Jennifer Aniston didn’t play the normal Jennifer Aniston role, namely the good girl (but not The Good Girl. She broke type in that movie as well).¬†

I just realized that between this and Wanderlust, Jennifer Aniston may become my favorite comedic actress of the year.

Back to Charlie Day for a second, he had my favorite scene in the movie. It’s when he’s acting as the lookout after accidentally inhaling Colin Farrell’s cocaine. His antics in the getaway car were hilarious and still make me giggle when I think of them.

Speaking of Colin Farrell, how crazy was his makeover in this movie? I never liked Colin Farrell, but with Horrible Bosses and In Bruges, I’m starting to gain respect for him as a comedic actor.

He said to his stylist, “Give me a Matt Damon circa The Informant.”

If you haven’t seen Horrible Bosses yet, you definitely should, maybe after the next time you get home from a rough day at the office.