On The Couch 2011 #27: We Are Wizards

The title of the documentary We Are Wizards shares its name with a song by MC Kreacher, a rapper in the growing music scene known as Wizard Rock. A few of the music acts that populate Wizard Rock are spotlighted in this documentary. Sadly, MC Kreacher is not one of them.

Side note…I went as MC Kreacher to a friend’s Harry Potter themed birthday party this year.

I saw Harry and the Potters, one of the bands in We Are Wizards, live earlier this year. What I liked about them, and their opening act MC Kreacher, is that while their songs are from the point of view of characters in the Harry Potter books and movies, they are also really good songs. They aren’t just novelty acts, they’re making good music.

Harry and the Potters featuring Harry Potter and Harry Potter.

If you have ever seen Harry and the Potters or another Wizard Rock band live, I think you would enjoy seeing We Are Wizards. It focuses on how these groups formed, their preparations for live shows and their thoughts on the whole Wizard Rock genre. My favorite part of the movie might have been when one of the Harrys from Harry and the Potters explains that they used the term Wizard Rock as a joke once to describe their music and were surprised to see other acts embrace the term.

Draco and the Malfoys are another group featured in We Are Wizards. I really enjoyed their story. They formed because Harry and the Potters had to cancel a show, so these two guys formed their own group to perform that night, singing songs from the point of view of Harry’s rival Draco.

If you’re a parent of a young Harry Potter fan and you’d like your child to channel some of their energy into music, I’d recommend sitting your kid down to watch We Are Wizards. The musical acts in a movie come from a wide range of ages, including one that’s a grade-schooler.

The Hungarian Horntails are as bad ass as they are adorable!

As a lifelong Star Wars fan, I find myself a little sad that outside of the occasional song by Weird Al Yankovic and that Chewbacca song from the Clerks soundtrack, there are no Star Wars themed pop songs. Where’s our Jedi Rock? C’mon, you know that Han and the Solos would be a killer band name!