On The Couch #20: The Incredible Hulk

The main reason I wanted to watch The Incredible Hulk is because Iron Man 2 was so good. I remembered hearing that Robert Downey Jr. made a cameo in this movie as Tony Stark, so I took this out from Netflix as a sort-of Iron Man 1.5. Tony Stark is in the movie; unfortunately he’s not in his Hulkbuster armor.

This would have made for one half of an awesome all-CGI fight scene.

I’m not sure if this is a reboot or a sequel to Ang Lee’s 2003 Hulk movie. The cast and director are completely different. What’s good about it is that The Incredible Hulk covers the Hulk’s origin in the opening credits, so you don’t have to sit through Ang Lee’s snoozer before watching this.

Edward Norton is great as the yoga practicing, always-trying-to-keep-his-cool Bruce Banner.

Old school Hulk fans will be happy that Lou Ferrigno makes a cameo appearence as an easily-bought-off-with-pizza security guard.

Who wears short shorts? Hulk wears short shorts!

Bruce Banner’s love interest Betty dates the dad from Mordern Family. What is it with this guy? He looks like Eddie Munster all grown up, yet in fictional worlds he lands Liv Tyler and Julie Bowen? I don’t get it.

I wonder if he keeps in touch with cousin Marilyn.

Maybe it’s just because I watched hours and hours of Lost the day before, but I thought Michael Emerson would have been the perfect guy to play Betty’s boyfriend instead. He’s snarky, he’s swarmy, he’s the perfect other guy. Later in the movie, I thought Michael Emerson would make a much better Mr. Blue than the guy they cast. Okay, I want to replace two people with Ben from Lost. This may be a sign that I have been watching too much Lost lately.

Tim Roth plays the big bad guy. He must be happy that there is a Mr. Blue and a Mr. Green in this movie. It’s like an unofficial tie-in to Reservior Dogs. Mr. Blue and Mr. Green aren’t bank robbers, but they are scientists who are working outside the law, which is almost the same, right?

“Why am I Mr. Green?”
“Because you’re irradiated, alright?”

Hey Freaks and Geeks fans, Bill is in this movie! He’s the guy eating pizza in the computer lab. Blink and you’ll miss him. All of his lines landed on the cutting room floor. It’s too bad, because it’s the funniest scenes not in the movie.

If you don’t have time to sit through the two-hour movie, you can watch all the deleted scenes instead. There are so many of them that they become a 20-minute cinematic Cliff’s Notes.

If you didn’t see The Incredible Hulk because you found The Hulk as boring as I did, rent this movie. It’s good.