NYCC Exclusive Agents of SHIELD Phil Coulson Badge and ID Pre-Order!

One of the coolest looking exclusives at the upcoming 2013 New York Comic Con is eFX Inc’s Agent Phil Coulson Badge and ID. Cast from the master molds used in ABC’s Agents of SHIELD TV series, these prop replicas look like the same badges carried by SHIELD agents on the show. The badge and ID come in a genuine leather wallet embossed with the SHIELD logo.

What’s more is the NYCC version includes a personalized ID card with YOUR photo and information! Going by the reaction I’ve seen so far on Twitter, I expect this to be one of the most sought after NYCC collectibles this year. The NYCC exclusive badge and personalized ID set is limited to 1500 pieces and costs $50.

Beginning tomorrow, Tuesday 9/17/13 at 9 AM Pacific (12 Noon Eastern), you’ll be able to pre-order your badge directly from eFX for pick-up at NYCC. You’ll even be able to upload a photo of yourself so that your badge and custom ID will be ready for you at NYCC, allowing you to skip the sure to be long line for this collectible. I wouldn’t be surprised if eFX completely sells out from just the pre-order.

It’s time to break out your black suit, white shirt and black tie!

Information on how to pre-order the badge tomorrow can be found on the eFX website.