NYCC 2012 Exclusives (UPDATED!)

UPDATED 10/5/12!

New York Comic Con is less than three weeks away and I am getting seriously excited for it. One of the best things about New York Comic Con is having access to limited edition items, many of which are either debuting or only available at NYCC.

Here are the ones I’m more excited about! …and some that just have me shaking my head.

4-LOM and Zuckuss Christmas Ornaments (Hallmark)

Price: ???, Limited to 800 sets.
True story: I love Christmas and I love Star Wars. I already have a lot of Star Wars ornaments on my tree each year, but what’s two more, right? Last year’s droids two-pack sold out pretty quickly. This might be the first thing I buy on Thursday.

The Dark Knight Returns Christmas Ornament (Hallmark)
Price: ???, Limited to 700 sets
This was an SDCC exclusive, and I was jealous of anyone who bought it! I love Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. It’s one of the few comic book stories that I go back and read year after year. Would I be more excited if it was a David Mazzucchellli Year One Batman? Yes. Am I complaining?
No. This will be mine!

Cylon Centurion Christmas Ornament (Hallmark – Booth 1229)
Price: ???, Limited to 600
While you’re at the Hallmark booth, you might want to pick up this limited edition Cylon Centurion Christmas Ornament. It’s a gold plated variant of last year’s Cylon ornament. It makes sound. I probably won’t buy this one. My only exposure to Battlestar Galactica was playing with my cousin’s Cylon action figure when were kids. I never watched either the original show or the recent series. But that Cylon toy from my youth was so cool looking. It looked like a more bad-ass Stormtrooper. Did Cylons shoot beams out of the their eyes? Five year old me thought so.

The Walking Dead Hardcover Compendium NYCC Red Foil Version (Image/Skybound)
Price: $100, Limited to 1500
It’s the big Walking Dead phone book sized collection, but in hardcover. SDCC had a similar exclusive. This is going to go fast. I don’t know how Skybound plans on selling this: if it’s just first come, first served; if they’re planning on allocating a supply for each day, but I get the feeling that no matter how they decide to sell this, it is going to sell out and sell out quickly.

Thief of Thieves Volume 1: “I Quit!” NYCC Exclusive Hardcover (Image/Skybound)
Price: $30, Limited to 1000
I want there to be a Thief of Thieves movie, and I want Kyle Chandler (Friday Night Lights) to star in them. If you haven’t read Thief of Thieves yet, I highly recommend picking up this collection of the first storyline, “I Quit!”

Saga Bookplate (Image) (Image)
Price: Free with purchase of Saga Volume 1, Limited to 200
You know what, Image, just go and take all my money. Saga, by Bryan K. Vaughn (Lost, Y: The Last Man) and Fiona Staples has quickly become one of my favorite comic books. If you’re one of the first 200 people to buy Saga Volume 1 at the Image booth, they will include an exclusive NYCC bookplate. Plus, both Vaughn and Staples will be at NYCC if you want to get it signed. I expect this to be gone by Friday.

Skullkickers #15 Kitten Variant (Image/Jim Zub and Edwin Huang)
Price: $10 signed, $5 personalized.
I’m not sure if I read that price right. Is it $10 if you want a signed version and $5 cheaper if you want it personalized? If so, that is very cool. Because, basically, if you’re a true fan, you’re getting it personalized, and if your goal is just to throw it on eBay for some quick cash, then you can pay a little more.

Master of the Universe Skeletor Power Sword Letter Opener (AFX)
Price: $20
Remember the He-Man Power Sword Letter Opener from SDCC? Here’s its evil twin. The Skeletor Power Sword Letter Opener is best for opening bills, junk mail and letters from the IRS.

Alpha Flight Minimates Series 2 (AFX)
Price: ???
AFX brought you Series 1 of Canada’s premier superhero team at San Diego Comic Con this year, and now you can add Sasquatch, Snowbird, Talisman and Aurora to join Guardian, Puck, Marina and the recently married Northstar to defend the northern part of your bookshelf. Both Series 1 and 2 will be available at the AFX booth.

Thundercats Minimates Series 2 (AFX)
Price: ???
The Alpha Flight Minimates where distributed much more evenly in terms of coolness compared to the Thundercats Minimates (but maybe that’s because all of Alpha Flight is lame. What? I said it!). Thundercats Series 1 nets you Lion-O, Panthro, Jaga, Mumm-Ra and a bonus Snarf figure, while if you buy Series 2, you’ll find yourself owning Mumm-Ra’s lackeys: Jackalman, Monkian, Slithe, Vultureman and Wolfrat, aka “That one, the other one, the lizard guy, the bird dude and oh, who cares?” No wonder, with the exception of Mumm-Ra, I only remember the good guys from Thundercats. Both sets will be available at NYCC. Honestly, I think you’d be better off buying two sets of Series 1.

Doctor Who Masterpiece Collection: Tenth Doctor (Sound of Drums Variant) Maxi-Bust Comic-Con Exclusive (Titan Entertainment)
Price: ???
I don’t usually buy statues. I’m usually content enough to just see them in the comic book store. But I kind of want to buy this one. I just got into Doctor Who last year and love David Tennant as The Doctor. Shameful admission: I actually haven’t reached the end of season three yet, so I haven’t seen the episode from which this statue is based. Okay, if I don’t watch Sound of Drums by NYCC, I won’t buy this. That seems fair, right?

Aardman Batman Action Figure (DC)

Price: $25, Limited to 2000
I haven’t seen the shorts that this figure is based on, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking this guy would look awesome on my desk, peeking over my Mr. Met Bobble Head. 

John Stewart and Atrocitus Action Figure Two-Pack (DC/Graphitti Designs)
Price: $25, Limited to 2500
DC wins the “Phoning It In” Award with this two-pack. Where’s Baz, the Green Lantern who made his debut right before NYCC? Or how about Green Lantern Jon Stewart? If they did either of those, I wouldn’t be able to hand them my money fast enough. And what is going on with that John Stewart action figure? He looks terrible. He’s posing for the cover of Muscle & Fitness. His head looks like a white guy in black face make-up. The only cool thing about this two-pack is John’s rifle construct, which is hopefully green and not yellow in the final product. I’m guessing if you’re buying this two-pack, it’s for that constuct. I think John Stewart is an awesome Green Lantern. The sculpt of him here in this two-pack is an insult to the character. 

The Walking Dead: The Official Magazine #1 with NYCC Exclusive Michonne Cover by The Walking Dead Artist Charlie Adlard (Image)
Price: ???
First there was The Walking Dead: The Comic, then there was The Walking Dead: The TV Series, followed by The Walking Dead: The Action Figures and The Walking Dead: The Prose Novel. Now there’s The Walking Dead: The Magazine. The Walking Dead is becoming the new Spaceballs. I’m not kidding. I saw a Rick Grimes plush doll last week. We’re 10 months away from The Walking Dead: The Toiler Paper, you take my word for it.

This isn’t the only The Walking Dead, The Official Magazine #1 Exclusive Cover that will be available at NYCC. Midtown Comics has their own exclusive variants as well, both of which will probably be available at their booth.

Wolverine Brown Classic Costume Funko Pop Figure (Zappi comics)
Price: ???, Limited to 1000
This is, without a doubt, my favorite Wolverine costume. I don’t own any of Pop Funko’s figures, but I think they’re very cool looking. I’ve come very close to buying their Han Solo before.

The Walking Dead Bloody Rick and Daryl Funko Pops Figures (Harrisons)
Price: ???, Limited to 3000
You know what, Kirkman? just take my money.

DC Skelanimals Dark Knight Batman Jae Plush
Price: ???
12”, plush, too adorable not to make this list.

G-Man: Coming Home #1 (Chris Giarrusso & Jacob Chabot)
Price: ???
Stop by Chris’s table and you’ll be able to pick up this issue before it hits stores!

Khem, Captain Action’s Black Panther (Captain Action Enterprises)
Price: $25, Limited to 200
I’m a little too young to have any memory of Captain Action, but in the 60’s, Captain Action’s sidekick, Action Boy, had a pet; Khem the Black Panther. Frankly, this just makes me question whether or not Captain Action is fit to have a sidekick. You’re giving a kid a black panther to play with? Shame, Captain Action, Shame.

UPDATE!! Marvel has announced some pretty cool NYCC exclusives. Check them out!

Rocket Raccoon Coffee Mug (Marvel)
Price: $12
Something I don’t need: another coffee mug. Something I want: This coffee mug.

I Survived the Battle for New York T-Shirt (Marvel)
Price: $20
What’s the over/under on the number of people you see wearing this while waiting in line opening night of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie?

Avengers Album T-Shirt (Marvel)
Price: $20
Need a t-shirt that works on both Free Comic Book Day and Record Store Day? You’re welcome.

Avengers Vs. X-Men #12 Avengers Variant (Marvel)
Price: $10
Sure, the Giants won the Superbowl and the Avengers came out on top in AvX, but I look at this cover and all I think is that Thor looks so much like NY Jets Center Nick Mangold.

Avengers Vs. X-Men #12 X-Men Variant (Marvel)
Price: $10
Considering the ending of AvX, it’s fitting that the X-Men are representing my beloved NY Jets. Considering the strategic placement of Emma’s football, I’m guessing Marvel couldn’t get license rights to the Jets name. “Jets? Why would you think they’re spelling out that? They could be spelling anything. Like Mets…oh, wait, never mind.” I’m happy to see that Beast is down with Tebow Time. You hear that, Rex Ryan? The smartest X-Man thinks you should play Tim Tebow more! Listen to him!

Wolverine: Old Man Logan Action Figure (Marvel)
Price: Free with Marvel Digital Unlimited Subscription
Jonesing for a Hasbro exclusive? It looks like this will be the only one at NYCC this year. And this isn’t even a true exclusive, as it was available at SDCC and will be available on the Marvel Digital Unlimited website as well. My theory on why we’re not seeing more from Hasbro is that until recently, you could still buy last year’s NYCC exclusives on their website. That’s unfortunate. I find Hasbro’s lack of faith in NYCC disturbing.


Skybound has announced some more Walking Dead exclusives for NYCC!

Michonne and Pets PVC Set
Price: Gray – $15, Limited to 1000; Purple – $20, Limited to 250; Glow-in-the-Dark – $20, Limited to 250
Just in time for Michonne’s debut in the TV show, Skybound will be selling these Michonne and Pets PVC figure sets. They look very nicely detailed. The numbers on these are VERY limited. I doubt the glow-in-the-dark version will make it past Thursday. Grab this while you can!

The Remains T-Shirt
Price: $20, Limited to 250
If you’re up to date on your The Walking Dead, you get what the names around the Great Seal refer to. If anyone asks, tell them Rick, Andrea, Carl and Michonne formed a Ramones tribute band in #100.

I was already planning on hitting up the Image booth as soon as I stepped onto the show floor. Now it looks like I’ll be speed-walking there.

This list will continue to be updated as more exclusives get announced!

Written by Nicholas Doyle, who thinks it would be a great idea if you like Tuesday Night Movies on Facebook.