Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods – Review

5/5 – Fascinating.

I had wanted to watch Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods for some time now. Unfortunately, Netflix didn’t have it on disc or streaming, and my halfhearted attempts at tracking down a copy never produced any results. One of my friends brought the movie up in conversation recently, asking if I ever saw it. When I mentioned I hadn’t, he lent it to me. Success!

The movie spans the entirety of Grant Morrison’s career up to when the documentary was made in 2010. Grant talks about his childhood, growing up the son of an anti-nuclear activist. Hearing about some of the places his dad would bring him as a child makes be better understand what makes Grant such a unique guy.

Grant’s charm definitely comes through in the film. He’s not full of himself, and doesn’t treat his own writing like it’s the work of God. I had the chance to meet Grant last year at NYCC. I was intimidated, but he turned out to be one of the nicest and enthusiastic comic book creators I’ve ever met.

Hearing Grant’s theories about chaos magic are absolutely fascinating. He clearly believes it works, and he and others point out instances where Grant’s chaos magic does seem to have indeed worked. Who knows, maybe chaos magic is real. If it is, I feel that Grant may be tuned into its workings far beyond the scope of most people.

Interspersed throughout the movie are The Office-style talking head interviews with comics creators talking about Grant. It’s interesting to hear what his colleagues and collaborators have to say about him, especially Phil Jimenez relating his experience of working on The Invisibles with Grant.

Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods is intimidating. No, not because of Grant Morrison’s mind full of crazy ideas. Well, yes, there is that. But I mean because it’s two full discs long. The special features disc takes up as much time as the movie itself. But you cannot skip the second disc! Trust me on this one. In some ways, the second disc, despite being full of bits that didn’t make the movie, is better than the movie itself. There’s an interview of Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely together that is a must see for anyone who’s a fan of their work together. Hearing them talk about their collaborative process is a real treat. If you read Grant’s run on X-Men, you really have to watch this second disc. He goes into detail about his entire run, including how Marvel treated his work towards the end.

This conversation is the best part of the 2-disc DVD set.

Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods is a must-see if you enjoy Grant Morrison’s writing. This very personal documentary gives us access to this creator that I don’t think we’ve had anywhere else, outside of maybe parts of Grant’s book,┬áSupergods. Hopefully one of your friends has the DVD sitting in his house too.