At The Theater #33: The Social Network

And the Academy Award for Most Over-Hyped Movie of the Year goes to…The Social Network.

Forgive my snark. The Social Network was great and I think that Aaron Sorkin is very deserving of a Best Adapted Screenplay nomination. Sorkin accomplished the double-impossible by making legal depositions and emails sound fascinating. But this movie is seriously over-hyped right now. Is it a good movie? Definitely. Is it “the Citizen Kane of this generation?” Not in my opinion.

The greatest thing to come out of The Social Network is Jesse Eisenberg stepping out of Michael Cera’s shadow. For some time now, he’s seemed like the poor man’s Michael Cera. But he really holds his own in this movie, and didn’t remind me of Michael Cera once.

Was Sean Parker involved in the casting for The Social Network? That’s the only explanation I can come up with for Justin Timberlake being cast in the role of Parker. Don’t misunderstand me, Justin Timberlake’s acting in this movie gave me yet another reason to be jealous of him, but Sean Parker is no Justin Timberlake. If anything, Parker looks more like Jesse Eisenberg…or maybe Carrot Top.

Admit it. You’re not sure if this is a picture of Sean Parker or Carrot Top.

The casting decision that took me out of the movie the most was that of Brenda Song as Facebook co-founder Eduardo’s girlfriend, Christy. After her second scene, I turned to Julie and said “Is that the girl from Zack and Cody?” One: Yes, it is. Two: Yes, I’ve watched The Suite Life of Zack of Cody on more than one occasion. Three: No, I don’t have any children that I can blame this one on.

Yes, I’ve also seen The Suite Life on Deck.

If you haven’t seen The Social Network yet, you really should. It’s a fascinating story about the start of a website that you’ve probably checked your news feed on more than once today.

The Facebook Movie definitely beats the Twitter TV show.

In my very early Oscar call, I think The Town should win best picture over The Social Network.

Three movies this week! And they were all good movies! Yes, I know I’m behind. I’m doing my best to catch up. Expect more multi-movie weeks as we get closer to December.

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