At The Theater #30: Easy A

What’s the only thing better than a free movie? A free movie that you already wanted to see. I’ve lucked out on quality free movies this year, now batting three for three with Easy A. I probably would have seen Hot Tub Time Machine if it wasn’t free. I definitely would have seen Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World if it wasn’t free. And I was planning on seeing Easy A once it came out, but luckily Bryan, Julie and I were given the opportunity to collectively save about $36 AND see Easy A before its release date.

They’re all wondering where her Zombieland shotgun is hiding.

Easy A is very funny. The plot is basically Can’t Buy Me Love, but from the girl’s point of view. While Emma Stone is great as Olive, the main character of Easy A, the real stand outs are some of the grown-ups. Stanley Tucci is awesome as Olive’s dad. I’ve gone on and on in the past about how fantastic I think The Tooch is, but seriously, I think he’s the only one who could have played the role of Olive’s dad. He fills Olive’s dad with subtext. Without the subtext, the characters lines would come across as arrogant or cocky. But coming from Stanley Tucci, they’re a self-effacing arrogance, which turns out to be very funny and charming.

The Tooch lays down some fatherly wisdom.
…And kinda looks like he’s checking out his daughter’s chest. Not cool, Tooch, not cool.

Thomas Haden Church is the other adult who really brings his A game to his role in Easy A. He plays the teacher that every teacher watching this movie wants to be (I’m pretty sure I saw Bryan jotting down notes). Church’s Mr. Griffith is smart, can joke with his students without seeming like a joke himself and even pulls off cliches well. If I was still in high school, I’d want as my teacher Easy A’s Mr. Griffith over Glee’s Mr. Schuster any day of the week.

I was very happy to see Dan Byrd in this movie. As soon as he came onscreen, I blurted out “Justin!” It doesn’t matter how famous Dan Byrd gets in his career; I will always refer to him by his character’s name on Aliens in America (just as Thomas Haden Church will always be Lowell no matter how long Wings has been off the air).

Despite what this photo might have you believe, Easy A is more Can’t Buy Me Love 2 than Grease 3.

In a year full of plenty of stinkers, Easy A is definitely worth seeing, even if you have to pay to see it.