At The Theater #27: Oceans

How awesome is the pizza at Reel Pizza? So awesome that I thought about checking out The Karate Kid here just to get the pizza again. I wasn’t looking forward to seeing The Karate Kid, so I was happy to see it replaced by Oceans before we left Bar Harbor.

Despite what you may have heard, Oceans is not the prequel to Ocean’s 13.

And despite it being made by Disney, don’t be fooled into thinking this a movie you should take your lil’ precious to. I base this on the six year old sitting next to us who wanted to be anywhere but in this theater watching this movie. At least that’s what I picked up from her actions: banging her head into the back of her seat, talking loudly about random stuff, wandering back and forth from her mom’s seat behind our couch to the easy chair next us, and nearly climbing over the back of the occupied couch in front of us.

Bar Harbor is the perfect place to see Oceans. The beauty of the sea life is astounding to watch and if you’re like me, you’ll be sitting there in awe, thinking…dinner. Oh, how lucky I was to see this in Maine.

If you’re ever in Maine, do yourself a favor and go to Red’s Eats for a lobster roll. You will be happy.

My mouth was watering by the end of Oceans. Mmmm, those fighting crabs would look delightful in cake form.

Or made into stuffing and then coated around a halibut as I would discover less than 24 hours later.

Even lobster ice cream is delicious.

The one downside to Oceans, and it’s only a downside if you’re seeing it at Reel Pizza, is that it’s only 1 hour and 15 minutes long, which means no intermission. No intermission means we couldn’t get that second pizza we were planning to order.

That smoked salmon and mussels pizza would have been thematically delicious.

There’s another movie theater in downtown Bar Harbor. I’ve never seen a movie there. It looks like a cool, old style movie house. Unfortunately they were showing The Last Airbender all week, which is well below even The Karate Kid on my list of movies to see. Maybe next time, other Bar Harbor movie theater.